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30 June, 2004 - Published 12:01 GMT
Leopards Captured in Mumbai

Officials have caught three leopards in Mumbai. The big cats have killed twelve people during the last month, causing panic among local residents. This report from Zubair Ahmed.

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It’s a classic case of survival of the fittest and the fight for space between man and beast. All the more difficult in a city like Mumbai, whose burgeoning population is increasingly pushing deep into the forest.

The forest, which is Mumbai's green lung is also a wildlife sanctuary and the leopards' natural habitat. But, in the last few months, the big cats have increasingly emerged from the forest and into the urban jungle, killing twenty-two people including children.

Residents are up in arms about what they call “official apathy”, but forest officials say it’s up to residents to take great care in the face of an unexpected threat.

Meanwhile, environmental activists say the beasts are not man-eaters. They say the story underlines Man's inability to play by nature's rules and keep to his own terrain while the leopards are left to theirs.

Zubair Ahmed, BBC.

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a classic case
a perfect example

survival of the fittest
here, the situation in which the strongest animals or species are most successful

rapidly growing

wildlife sanctuary
a place where birds or animals are protected and allowed to live freely

natural habitat
the environment where an animal makes its home

emerged from
left, come out of

urban jungle
towns or cities

up in arms
protesting strongly, very angry

official apathy
failure by officials to do anything

keep to his own terrain
here, stay in the city where humans belong

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