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Words in the News
Monday 12 April 2004
Iraq foreign hostages
Japanese men Seven Chinese nationals have become the latest foreigners to be taken hostage in Iraq. The US military said that three more marines were killed on Sunday in western Iraq. It didn't say whether they were involved in fighting in Fallujah. After a week of fierce fighting in Fallujah both sides have agreed to stop shooting. This report from Barbara Plett:
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China's state new agency says the seven men were abducted near Fallujah while travelling on the main road between Jordan and Baghdad. They're the latest foreigners to be kidnapped during a week of fierce fighting in Iraq.

A British man has been released. But the fate of three Japanese hostages threatened with execution still hangs in the balance.

Meanwhile, residents of Fallujah are burying their dead and trying to get out of the city during the lull in fighting. Local hospital officials say more than six hundred people have been killed, most of them civilians. The marines insist most of the dead are fighters.

The Americans have failed to crush the insurgents despite the use of massive force. Mediators continue efforts for a negotiated solution. But the US military is reinforcing its troops to resume the offensive if talks fail.
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taken away illegally usually by force
the fate of
what will happen to
hangs in the balance
remains undecided
a period of quiet or little activity
say very firmly and refuse to change their mind
completely defeat
people who are fighting against the government or army of their own country
people who are trying to settle a dispute between two groups
negotiated solution
an answer to the problem based on talks
resume the offensive
to restart the strong attack
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