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Words in the News
Friday 06 February 2004
Euro lottery
Lottery Tickets for a new Euro lottery go on sale this weekend, offering jackpots which could reach 50 million pounds. The game is described by Camelot, the operator of the UK National Lottery, as its most ambitious game since the launch of the National Lottery ten years ago. This report from Torin Douglas:
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The new game, called Euro Millions, is being run in conjunction with lottery operators in France and Spain, and more countries could join next year. Tickets will go on sale on Saturday and the draw will take place every Friday evening, starting on February the 13th.

The draw will be shown on Sky Television, the first time a national lottery draw has been transmitted by a commercial broadcaster, rather than the BBC.

The starting jackpot is estimated at ten million pounds, and Camelot says the average is likely to be around fourteen million, though rollovers mean it could grow to fifty million or more.

Sales of lottery tickets have stabilised after several years of decline, and Camelot hopes Euro Millions will help sales grow again.

Torin Douglas, BBC

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in conjunction with
together with
go on sale
become available in the shops
anything taken or chosen at random; in this case - the result of a specific lottery outcome ('the lucky numbers')
a commercial broadcaster
a radio or TV station that is paid for by the transmitting of advertisements in their air time
the top prize paid out for any lottery game
estimated at
if you estimate an amount or a quantity, you calculate or predict it approximately
the average
here - the total amount of money divided by the total number of draws
when a jackpot is not won it is added, or 'rolled over', to the next draw's jackpot, increasing the prize payment until the jackpot is finally won
have stabilised
are not likely to change suddenly
growing smaller; here - decrease in sales
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