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Words in the News
Wednesday 14 January 2004
US Treasury to probe O'Neill book
Paul O'Neill A book written by Paul O'Neill, a former US Treasury Secretary, has upset the White House because it criticises the President and senior politicians.

This report from Justin Webb:
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The allegations made by Mr O'Neill are that the President was a bad listener, that his tax-cutting agenda was being foisted on him by ideologically driven advisors and that his war against Saddam Hussein was fought in spite of there being no evidence that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

In response, Mr Bush tried to be genial and statesmanlike, thanking Mr O'Neill for his years of service and pointing out that regime change in Iraq had been President Clinton's policy as well. But behind the scenes the reaction has been vitriolic. The Treasury Department, which Mr O'Neill once ran, has begun what is described as an internal inquiry to see whether any of the documents used by the former minister in support of his case have been improperly removed from the archives.

It's likely that the row will die down without further action being taken and without great damage to the President but the episode is a reminder that not all senior Republicans think Mr Bush has made the right choices at home or abroad.
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a bad listener
someone who doesn’t listen attentively to the advice and opinions of others
ideologically driven advisors
advisors whose actions are governed by a set of ideas and principles
in spite of there being…
even though there was…
good-humoured and friendly
in the manner of an experienced and skilled senior politician
regime change
change to the leadership and system of government
full of hatred and bitterness
die down
become quieter and less intense
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