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Words in the News
Friday 21 November 2003
Arctic threat
Artic The international conservation organisation has accused the Norwegian government of endangering a rare area of the Arctic sea by contemplating oil exploration there. The organisation said such activity could be disastrous for a fragile marine environment. This report from Lars Bevangar:
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Norway's oil production is vast, making the country the third largest oil exporter after Saudi Arabia and Russia. New areas for oil exploration are under constant consideration to keep production on a high level. Now the government here is contemplating drilling for oil in the Arctic Barents Sea, near the picturesque Lofoten islands. The area is home to considerable fish stocks and the world's largest cold water coral reef.

Now WWF, the international conservation organisation, has accused the Norwegian government of planning to go against the advice of its own scientists, many of whom have warned of serious dangers connected to oil exploration in the Arctic.

A government spokesperson here refuted these claims, saying no decision had yet been taken and that the government was still in the consultative process on the matter. The government has said it will decide on possible oil exploration in the area in early December. Both the Norwegian and international oil companies have expressed a keen interest in drilling for oil in the Barents Sea.
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third largest (oil exporter) after
two other countries export more oil than Norway
oil exploration
here, going to a place to find if there is oil
drilling for oil
searching for oil by drilling deep holes in places in the sea bed where it is likely that oil will be found
considerable fish stocks
a large supply of fish that can be caught
preservation and protection of the environment
go against the advice
if you go against someone's advice, you do something different from what they want you to do
refuted these claims
if you refute a claim you prove that it is false or wrong
in the consultative process
still seeking advice
expressed a keen interest in
said that they would like to
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