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Words in the News
Wednesday 05 November 2003
Security in Iraq
US soldiers patrol A week of increasing violence in Iraq has threatened Iraqis and foreign forces alike. There are now signs that security in Baghdad is being increased - but will checkpoints be the answer?

This report from Jonny Dymond:
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The sprawling headquarters of the Coalition Provisional Administration, sitting on the west bank of the Tigris, escaped from Tuesday night's attack unscathed. There are some signs that security in central Baghdad has been stepped up. Late on Tuesday night, a military checkpoint appeared on one of the main roads in the city's business and commercial district. On Wednesday morning, a higher profile US army presence was on the streets outside the fortified hotels where most foreigners stay. But there's a limit to what the occupying powers can do. To close down Baghdad with endless checkpoints and a large number of troops on the streets would not only provide attackers with a greater range of softer targets, it would also make the city feel yet more occupied. Better intelligence, rather than a heavy-handed security presence, is what the coalition needs most.

Jonny Dymond, BBC, Baghdad
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covering a large area
Coalition Provisional Administration
The US-led administration in Iraq - something that is provisional has been arranged for the present time but will be changed in the future
stepped up
a place where traffic has to stop and be checked
higher profile
more obvious
fortified buildings are strengthened, to resist attack
the occupying powers
countries which have taken power in Iraq
softer targets
places which are easier to attack
rough and thoughtless
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