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Words in the News
Monday 09 June 2003
Hillary Clinton intervewed
Hillary Clinton On 8th June America's former first lady, Hillary Clinton, gave an exclusive interview to the US broadcaster ABC on the publication of her new book "Living History". She gave presenter Barbara Walters an insight into her life with the former president and said she would not run for president in 2004. This report from Michael Buchanan
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(TV Trailer): One of the most divisive people in American public life finally has her say on some of the most dramatic moments in recent political history.

(Clinton): I wasn't talking to my husband. I didn't have anything to say to him. I was so disappointed and angry. I could have wrung his neck for a million reasons.

( TV trailer): ...an unprecedented journey from her childhood days where her values and dreams were shaped to the campus years when she was swept away by politics and passion.

(Buchanan): And the man she remains married to today, despite the hurt.

(Clinton): All I know is that no-one understands me better and no-one can make me laugh the way Bill does. He is still the most interesting, energising and fully alive person I have ever met.

(Buchanan): Hillary Clinton's supporters say she's caring and committed. Her opponents label her pig-headed and dangerous. But the New York Senator left politics largely aside as she discussed how she coped with the series of personal scandals that have beset the couple.
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here, someone who arouses different opinions of her
something that has never happened before
the campus years
the years spent as a student
swept away
left politics largely aside
didn't talk much about politics
shocking situations or events
happened to
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