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Wednesday 28 May 2003
All-Italian European champions league final
Italian football players Italian fans travelled to England in their thousands for the European champions league final in Manchester in the north of England today. For the first time it was an all-Italian final. Juventus of Turin play AC Milan. Both clubs have billionaire owners. Milan is owned by the Italian Prime Minister and Juventus is supported by a major motor manufacturer.
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Last season Italian fans were miserable at their country's lack of success. Their clubs failed to reach the quarter finals of the European champions league, and the national teams was knocked out of the World Cup by south Korea. This season they had three semi-finalists – a return to the 1990s when an Italian club featured in nine out of ten finals. Today's match will produce the first Italian champion for seven years, and more success for the club's owners.

The Italian Prime Minister and media tycoon Sylvia Berlusconi bought AC Milan in 1986 and the team's fortunes have mirrored his colourful career in politics. Under him the team has won the league six times and three European Cups. Victory could be important as the prime ministers reaches the mid point of his electoral term. And defends himself in court against corruption charges.

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the period of time football is played during the year
the football teams and all who work with them
quarter finals
the last four matches to play
knocked out
removed from
the teams playing in the last two matches
first prize winner
very rich and powerful
unusual, unconventional
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