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Words in the News
Monday 26 May 2003
Two Everest climbers set records
Sibusiso Vilane Sibusiso Vilane, a thirty-two year old South African man, has become the first black climber to reach the top of Mount Everest. His success came on the same morning that a sherpa Pemba Dorje broke the record for the fastest ever ascent of the mountain. This report from Jane Hughes.
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Sibusiso Vilane spoke to the BBC by radio from the summit of Everest and said he was crying tears of joy. He said he was feeling well and was very grateful to be there.

He's spent weeks at base camp and up on the mountain acclimatising and waiting for a break in the weather. He reached the top of the world after climbing through a clear and starlit night. But the winds are now much stronger and he still has to get safely back down the mountain – something climbers regard as at least as much of a challenge as the summit itself.

A few hours before he got there, Lakba Gelu Sherpa arrived at the top of Everest in record time. He took just under eleven hours to go from base camp to the summit – a journey that takes the average climber a good four days of hard climbing.

His achievement breaks the world record set just a couple of days ago by a fellow sherpa, Pemba Dorje, who got to the top of the mountain in twelve-hours-forty-five minutes.
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base camp
the shelter that climbers use temporarily at the bottom of Everest
becoming used to something
a break
here - a change
a challenge
a problem, a difficulty
does better than
the world record
the global victory
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