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Words in the News
Monday 12 May 2003
Bali bomber trial
Amrozi The trial of the first suspect arrested in connection with the Bali bomb attacks last October has opened and adjourned. The man, known as Amrozi, has been charged with four counts of terrorism. This report by Rachael Harvey.
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For more than an hour, Amrozi sat quietly listening to the long list of charges brought against him. Wearing cut-off trousers and flip-flops, from time to time, he shuffled uncomfortably in his chair.

The first person arrested after the devastating bomb attacks last October, Amrozi is now the first of more than thirty suspects to face the courts. He's accused of buying the chemicals to make the bombs and of supplying the van which delivered them. Under Indonesia's new anti-terrorism laws, if found guilty, he could face the death penalty.

Outside the court, a crowd of local people watched proceedings on live television. Every time Amrozi appeared on screen, they jeered and threw makeshift missiles at this image.

Inside the court, Amrozi's lawyers began their defence. Amrozi naively admitted his role in the attack, they said, but the law needs more than confessions, it needs evidence.

This could be a long and complex case. It could be many months before the panel of five judges reach their verdict.
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a formal statement saying that someone has done something wrong
persons thought to be guilty
someone who is said to have done something wrong
against the use of violence for political reasons
temporary, of poor quality
the action taken by lawyers to support as suspect’s denial of an illegal action
a confession is an admission of a crime
something you see or experience that make you believe that something is true
the decision at the end of a trial
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