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Words in the News
Wednesday 26 February 2003
Mel C says there'll be no Spice Girls reunion
Mel C The Spice Girls pop group are not going to reform - despite rumours that they might get together again.
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Mel C has confirmed to CBBC Newsround there'll be NO Spice Girls reunion. Lizo cornered the singer at the Brits and she let slip:
"There's not going to be any Spice Girls reunion - that's definite."
The Spice Girls all met up at Victoria Beckham's house on Monday for their first get-together for five years. It sparked rumours they might reform. But Mel C said no way. But she did say she really enjoyed meeting up with the other girls and it was a lot of fun. And she refused to comment about what Posh Spice Victoria Beckham thought about hubby David Beckham's eye injury. She insisted that it was something private between them.
Mel's new single is out on Monday.
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the Spice Girls won't do another disk or a concert
when a reporter talks to someone in a corner of a room so they can't get away!
pop music awards
let slip
said without meaning to
when you meet up with people to spend time with them
sparked rumours
started people talking
a pop group may reform and make music again after it has split up
no way
there's no chance of this
meeting up with
when you plan to see people for a chat or meal
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