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Words in the News
Wednesday 12 February 2003
North Korea and the IAEA
North Korean soldiers The United Nations nuclear agency, the International Atomic Energy Agency, is expected to refer the North Korean nuclear crisis to the United Nations Security Council. The move could open the way for sanctions on North Korea which has expelled UN inspectors and withdrawn from nuclear agreements. This report from Bethany Bell:
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In January the UN's nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, gave North Korea one more chance to readmit UN inspectors and abandon its secret nuclear programme. But since then North Korea has withdrawn from the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and the IAEA's director general, Mohammed El Baradei, says he's exhausted all possibilities in his power to bring North Korea into compliance. The IAEA's board of governors is now expected to issue a toughly worded resolution that will take the stand-off with North Korea to the United Nations Security Council. That in turn could pave the way for the imposition of economic and political sanctions on Pyongyang. But there's concern that moving the issue to the Security Council could inflame the crisis. Pyongyang has said it would consider sanctions as a declaration of war.
Bethany Bell, BBC, Vienna
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nuclear watchdog
an organisation checking that countries with nuclear material do not act in an illegal way
Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty
an agreement to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons
exhausted all possibilities
has tried everything he could
being willing to do what you have been asked
issue a toughly worded resolution
publish a decision which states firmly what they want to happen
a situation when neither side will make a move
pave the way
creates a situation where something can happen
moving the issue
taking discussions about the topic
inflame the crisis
make the political conflict worse
consider sanctions as
in their view, sanctions will be
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