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Words in the News
Wednesday 29 January 2003
Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa
Desmond Tutu The final report of the South African 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission' can now be published. Doctor Mangosutho Buthelezi and his Inkatha Freedom Party had questioned the findings of the report, but the two sides have now reached agreement. This report from Alastair Leithead:
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The settlement of the long-running dispute between Doctor Mangosutho Buthelezi and his Inkatha Freedom Party, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, now paves the way for the final report to be published, and the issue of reparation payments to be addressed. President Thabo Mbeki was due to be handed the final document last year, but the objections raised by Doctor Buthelezi and the IFP had delayed is publication. They were challenging thirty-seven separate statements directly blaming he and his party for a series of human rights abuses in the years leading up to the collapse of apartheid.

Thousands of people named in the report have been recommended for reparations - payments as compensation for the suffering they endured under apartheid. These will progress with the publication of the final report.

Alastair Leithead, BBC News, Cape Town.
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a settlement is an agreement after conflict
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission
The organisation trying to discover the truth about the apartheid years and unify South Africa
paves the way for
if something paves the way for another thing, it makes it possible
reparation payments
money paid to victims who have suffered
human rights abuses
unfair treatment, ignoring people’s basic rights
leading up to
in the years before
if you endure something bad, you live through it
the former South African system, where different races lived apart
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