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Wednesday 15 January 2003
Bee Gees legend Maurice Gibb dies
Maurice Gibb The singer Maurice Gibb has died. He had formed the Bee Gees, one of Britain's most popular bands, with his two brothers. They wrote in different musical styles and composed the songs for the film "Saturday Night Fever".

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Bee Gees legend Maurice Gibb dies

One of Britain's biggest music stars, Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees, has died at the age of 53.
The singer suffered a heart attack during an operation at the Mount Sinai Medical Centre in Miami, US. Maurice's mother and twin brother Robin flew from the UK to be at the hospital, and the family released a statement saying: "His love and enthusiasm and energy for life remain an inspiration to all of us. We will all deeply miss him."

Gibb was in the Bee Gees with Robin and elder brother Barry, and together they were one of biggest bands of 70s, although they were also very successful before and after that decade.
Maurice was the member of the trio that sang the really high parts of the group's songs, and came up with a lot of important instrumental parts on their records. They are most well known for the songs they wrote for the film Saturday Night Fever, including the huge track Stayin' Alive, which helped take disco music from underground nightclubs into the mainstream.

The Bee Gees are also among the top five of the highest selling recording artists of all time, with The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney as a solo artist.
Because the songs they wrote are so good, lots of other bands have made cover versions of them, including Elvis, Destiny's Child and their song Sacred Trust is in the top 10 at the moment, recorded by One True Voice.

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at the age of
a formal phrase to say how old someone is
heart attack
when your heart beats irregularly or, here, stops
We will all deeply miss him
a phrase used to show sympathy when someone dies
a period of 10 years
here, three musicians
here, very popular
underground nightclubs
clubs playing new music that is not widely known
music that most people listen to
highest selling recording artists
singers or players who sold the most records
cover versions
a new version of a song originally recorded by someone else
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