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Words in the News
Wednesday 15 January 2003
Human Rights Watch
Prisoners at US military base in Cuba The organisation, Human Rights Watch says, in its yearly report, that the United States is weakening its own War of Terror by going against human rights standards. Our World Affairs Correspondent Mark Doyle reports.
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Human rights Watch says that the US is discouraging popular support for its war on terror by supporting oppressive regimes in countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Israel. This, along with the Americans' own violations, such as the suppression of prisoners' rights at a US military base in Cuba, alienates the very communities whose cooperation the US requires to defeat terrorism. Human Rights Watch condemns terrorism itself as the antithesis of human rights, and says the US government is not among the worst rights offenders. But it says Washington's unique power makes its willingness to compromise on human rights to fight terrorism a dangerous precedent that ultimately threatens the rule of law.
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causing people to lose interest and enthusiasm, the opposite of encouraging
oppressive regimes
governments which treat people cruelly or unfairly
acting against/breaking rules or laws
stopping something from continuing
makes people become unfriendly, loses support
speaks against, criticises
exact opposite
people who do wrong, cause harm
to compromise on
to reach an agreement in which both sides give up something they really want.
a reason for doing the same thing again
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