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Words in the News
Monday 13 January 2003
Kenya's ex president
Excited supporter The former Kenyan president, Daniel arap Moi has said that he will continue to play a part in Kenyan life. Two weeks ago, Mr Moi left office after twenty-four years as Kenya's leader, when the opposition leader, Mwai Kibaki won the election. Ishbel Matheson reports from Nairobi.

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On the day of Mr Kibaki's inauguration, there were no fond farewells for the departing leader. Daniel arap Moi was jeered and had mud slung at his car. But afterwards, many Kenyans felt this treatment of the former president to be shameful. They thought whatever wrongs had been done under his leadership, he had the right to retire with dignity. But it seems Mr Moi doesn't plan to spend his remaining days pottering around on his farm in the Rift Valley. Last week, even as President Kibaki was settling into State House, Mr Moi was back in the capital, settling into his private office. During his leadership, he was renowned for his energy, rising early and working late into the night. That pattern, it seems, will continue. Like many other retired heads of state, he wants to retain an international profile. Through his new Moi Foundation, the former president will stay engaged in the regional peace initiatives in Somalia and Sudan. He may also find time for more relaxing pursuits. He's a keen farmer; the Kenyan armed forces gave him a new plough and tractor as one of his retirement gifts. A committed Christian, he also indicated that he might like to take up lay preaching. More controversial is his continuing chairmanship of the former ruling party. The opposition leader, Uhuru Kenyatta, has said his goal is to rebuild KANU from the ashes of his crushing defeat. It's not clear how much of a free hand he'll have to do this, with Mr Moi still at the helm of the party.
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when a new leader takes up his/her position at an official ceremony
was jeered
people shouted rude and unpleasant things at him
to retire with dignity
to get respect and be well-treated when leaving a job
was renowned for
was well-known/famous for
to retain
to keep
actions taken to solve problems
lay preaching
when someone who does not have a religious job gives religious talks
causes strong feelings, many people do not agree with it
crushing defeat
serious defeat, many votes against
at the helm of
in the position of leader, (literally, in control of a ship)
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