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Friday 03 January 2003
President Bush on the US economy
President Bush President Bush has said he'll announce an economic stimulus package next week. He was speaking as figures released showed a rise in unemployment in the US, but also an increase in manufacturing activity. This report from Rob Watson:
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Rob Watson:
President Bush told reporters his economic stimulus package would be aimed at creating jobs and taking care of those who couldn't find work. Though he gave no details, White House officials say it's likely to mean more tax cuts for businesses and individuals. In something of a New Year's pep talk to investors, the president told reporters that while measures were needed to enhance the US economy, it remained fundamentally healthy:

President Bush:
"This economy is pretty darned strong, given the fact that we've been through a recession, and a terrorist attack, a breach of corporate confidence because of some malfeasance, and yet the economy still grows."

Rob Watson:
But there are mixed signals about the direction the US economy is heading. Although there was a large increase in output from America's manufacturers in December, there was also a rise in unemployment. The economy is a vital issue for the Bush administration, with the White House acutely aware that the president's chances of re-election in 2004 are likely to depend as much on the voters' sense of financial, as well as physical, security.

Rob Watson, BBC, Washington
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economic stimulus package
a group of measures to activate business
pep talk
a speech of encouragement
fundamentally healthy
basically good
a time when the economy of a country is not very successful
a breach of corporate confidence
a break in the trust people have for large businesses
misconduct by officials
an important problem that people are talking about
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