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News about Britain
Teenagers and drugs
Two separate surveys suggest that Britain's teenagers are amongst the heaviest drug-users and drinkers in Europe. The British government has introduced a number of measures to tackle the use and supply of drugs, particularly among young people.
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South Korea
We also have these problem that binge drinking, smoking among teenagers. But to abuse the drug is less than these problem-drinking, smoking. We have to go on helping escape these problem. I think, although random drug testing at school is good idea, the most important is 'communication' and 'concern' with them.

Marlene, Brazil
In Brazil the situation is as serious as in all world, things have changed lately, instead of, young people were studying, playing some sports they are destroying their lives, but they haven't noticed it, although everyday we can listen and read news, crimes and problems about it. The trouble starts in the centre of families, midia and government, everybody is doing something to cooperate with that. Parents must pay more attention to their children and it doesn't matter how old they are, parents must talk to them, show them that they're important people in their lives. Even if you work, study, or if you're divorced, pay attention to them and parents are the most responsible people in their lives. On the other side, media advertises that if you smoke or drink you can be a succesfull person, because in these kinds of ads, normally are beautiful women and handsome men....the sponsors want just to sell and earn money based on those lies.

Gus, Spain
I'm pessimistic in these measures if the British goverment don't try to give sense of life to young people. We should recover a good philosophy of life, we need recover our transcendental sense of life summarised in The Ten Commandments. People who try to fullfild these commandments live a life to the full, and don't need any type of drug.

Hamdy Mohammad Egypt
In Egypt, there is a big problem with teenagers in relation to drug abuse, not only with alcohol but tobbaco and shisha. Here there is a custom among young people that consist on gathering them at the week-end, buy drinks and taking them, while they are chatting in parks and some places of the cities; they spend some hours in this type of meetings. Although authorities have banned to take alcohol in streets, it is quite difficult to control this behaviour in young people, who everyday start drinking and smoking at an early age.

I think that will be a severse problem in the future in my country ,particularly among developed city!They feel void and dont know what to do so they want to find something make them excited !They eventally resort to drug .our government should do something now

Boko Benin
People in my country take drug and selling it.Our police services take a number of measures to forbid drug-users.

Silvia, Slovakia
Here in Slovakia, we also face with drug problems. It is necessary to make prevention measures. To inform people, esepcially those young, about consequences...

David, Kurdistan
I strongly believe that every country in the world has drug problems and they don't take responsibility to stop this problem or reduce it to minimom level. Becaouse our children are our future we must be aware of this common problem by giving them very good exsample in our daily activities.

Hania , Poland
they try to fight the drug using but it doesn't work. we have increasing amount of dealers and drug users and police is not developing its knowledge about the problem and about resources of prevent.the truth is that you face it even in primary school. and in the news there are rare news about realy good and efficient action against "drug-world"

Purna, Nepal
though we are from the peace country but we are having a problems of drugs addiction although every where cum school .but our govt. is not implementing hard and fast rule to get rid from this [problem.

Sara, Kazkhstan
This is one of the biggest problems all over the world. In my opinion there should be world organization to solve this problem.We should think about our planet's future.

Henry Kwok, Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, if someone are known to be drug abusers, they may face a great deal of criticisms from our society. It's a great job that primary school students are warned of the hazards at an early stage & this is successfully done by the government. Also, rehabilitation centres, which help drug abusers get a fresh start, are generally well supported.

Thu, Vietnam
Drug abuse and binge drinking are improving in my contry by teenagers. I think the education department should give some informations about the bad effect's binge drinking, grug abuse to their students.However the goverment have to take drug dealers into the prison.

Alam, Bangladesh
Our Government also take action on it. With the help of police and with the help of social worker.

Nilufar, Bangladesh
Yes, there is drug addicted problem among the student of college & universities. There is a law to control drug. Bangladesh have separate department under aminister to control drug. Also some voluntary organisations are working to aware general public. I support punishment those who are addicted. Capital punishment should be given those who are doing drug trafficing. To punish the drug addicted person court should take into consideration whether the teen age boy or girl is first offender or proffessional offender. I was a professor of a famous college in Bangladesh. The college authority is very strict about drug addicted student. The teachers are also very aware about it. The moment somebody detected with drug they do not allow them come to the college. In my observation I found that in the beginning friends or drug businessman give them free drug. Not only that they force them to take it. Within two/ three month they become addicted. So precaution should be taken that the teen ager student can not come in touch of this type of people. Regular drug test can be started in the school & college. Meditation type of course should introduce in the school.

Naresh, Nepal
Drug abuse is a worldwide problem. I am sure that the teenies in Nepal are used to this habit. The question is whether the government of Nepal is doing something to tackle it. I think, our government hasn't taken it seroiusly so far.

Ann, Poland
In my country drinking and taking drugs by teenagers is very common nowadays. Unfortunatelly our government does nothing to change this situation. In my opinion teenagers' knowledge about how harmful drugs can be should be improved.

Maggie, Belgium
Interesting!! I thought Belgians were heavy drinkers....but I guess everybody experiments with drugs, at least with soft drugs??

Khalid Alagib from Sudan
The guverment of my country doesnt concerne with this great problme so there are big numbers of driker

Wililiam Lao, Australia
In my country Australia, we have problems with drug abuse and bingers drinking too among teenagers especially at parties. To prevent it, the severe law and regulations are necessary. Our government punishes drug dealers by sending them to jail for a few months only, because our magistrates are always too lenient.

Shorsh, Kurdistan
I think this is not good for childern to use drugs and also teenagers are not provided with drugs from the drug stores .The parents and schools must provide more advice for them(students and children)about drugs and parents shouldn't drink in front of children .

Eunju Jung, South Korea
In korea,students don't have experience to get drugs much,but when they go to another country,they can get drugs easily with curiousity.I heard one korean student died one week ago because of smoking marijuana.I think the government strongly should have laws to protect teenagers from drugs

David, Sudan
In Sudan there are no strict laws as far as drugs are concerned.THE COuNTRY HAS BEEN IN WAR all the attention has been given to the war.But drug abuses must be fought.

Rosemary A. Kajivora, Sudan
Oh! It's a bit sad for me to comment on this topic, as I have been 9 years out of my country due to war. However, in Australia, it's not a big problem among the teenagers because government is able to curb it.

I live in Australia. I came from Egypt, I haven't seen Egypt for thirty years, I don't know what they're doing there, but I beleive drug dealers are massive killers, and should be legaly treeted as such in any country.

Keiko , Australia
Quite a lot of teenagers are having problems with drugs and alcohol here in Australia. Therefore every single school and night club should provide RBT.Private High schools have RBT test when they having social disco dance party at school 3 or 4 times a year as some teenagers used to drink alcohol before they attended a party and smoked dope. Since they have this test, its getting better.

César Martínez Martínez, México
i'm suprised about england's drugs problem, what a shame that a country like yours must be strong against the drugs, here in mexico we hace the same troubles about drugs but well, look at us, U.S.A. is upon my country and well you know. i'd like to know more about the problem. ps. sorry about my english :)

Daisy from Peru
Alcohol and drugs are a big problem all around the world.In Peru, formally the government promotes different campaigns through advertisements, new lawsand the police`s action,but they do not fight hardly.

Metin Yüksel, Turkey
In turkey using drug has been forbidden,according to regulation ones eiter using or carriying of drugs would have been punishment with jail. Turkish govermet has intruduced a numberr of measurementto prevent f the important measuremet is tonot allowed to see in front of schools.The others are related to increasing penalties that is including sellng and carriying of them

Yanji Joe, China
There's a trend in China that more and more teenagers are becoming indulged in drugs, very similar to that in Britain.The government has been fighting hard against it.

Rami, Syria
Drug abuse is relatively rare in my country mainly because of of the significant role of the parents on the teenagers . But is particularly seen in very rich or very poor categories deallers in Syria may face excution if convicted with drugs smuggling or selling . may be this is the reason why this problem is limited here . in my opinion culture and family role is more effective in tackling this critical problem.

Tim, Nigeria
In my country Nigeria, there are cases of drug abuse and binge drinking especially among the youths. On prevention, nothing so serious has be done to curb the menace. I think the multifarious problems of the government had not given them an ample opportunity to first see it as a social anomalies thatis wrecking the potentials of their future leaders. Thanks.

Lisa, China
yes,there are lots of drug users in China,too.But they are mostly adults.Law are set up to forbid drug dealers and users .Those who sell drugs more than one gram can be sentensed to death.

South Korea
Many countries concerned about their teen agers especially drug, education, and exercise. Our country have a lot of problem of children. korea government forbid to sell cigar and drink under ages.

Nerveat Aungier Evelyn, France
Currently, not much is being done in France. At school, there used to be annual campaigns but now it's up to the teachers. At discos, there isn't much help either. The police should stop teenagers from taking their own cars instead of fining them. Alcohol is being sold without any discrimination to very young teenagers. The more they sell, the happier they seem. Forbidding things in France is always seen as a threat to everybody's freedom. A crackdown on speed driving proved to be successful, so why not doing the same thing with alcohol and drug random testing

In my country,the drug dealers and users will be put in to prison.Therr're at least 10 years in jail.

Dave, Italy
In my country drugs are not legal, and i don't make use of them, because i know that they can give permanent danger to my brain. Drug problem in Italy is not as heaviest as in the UK, but it exists in large quantity. In my school, police try to defeat drug's use: sometimes, when i enter at school, i see policemen with anti-drugs dogs with them.Don't use drugs, if you're in search of some kind of drug, use good rock and metal music.

Suvada, Bosnia
Smoking and binge drinking among teenagers have always been problems in my country but the government did not take any serious measures to tackle this.

Clement, Sudan
In Sudan drugs are illegal all over the country and the best way stop it is to teach about its danger in schools and allowing social organizations to hold seminars about drugs.

Najat, Iraq
I think the goverment should make tough laws against drugs dealers,and teach young kids the danger of using drugs.

Long, Vietnam
i think the government is weak to control the using drugs condition. however, i hope our young children will be better and have the brighter future.

Vitalij, Germany
In spite of giant problems with drugs and alcohol in our country,government still hadn´t specifically laws to best way of ovrcoming this threat.Ours children seems to be not important for government.

?, South Korea
In Korea, a student, especially a first year student of universities, drinks a lot of beer or Korean wine because of a social pressure from their senior students. To a new student, it is very difficult to avoid the pressure because they are usually afraid of the seniors. Some action is needed to change such culture.

?, Pakistan
it's good to do these test, in our country the problem isn't too much high but also my country is doing these things to stop the drugs!

Carl, France
in france the drugs is illegal,and the sell or the people who takes drugs are punished .But it's very difficult for the shools to check so a lot of young mens use drugs .

Darya, Russia
It seems to me than nothing is being done to prevent drugs addiction amoung teenagers in our country. In entrances of high buildings you can find used squirts not infriquently. And nobody is suprised by this fact. I think today many russian teenagers have faced the problem of drug and drink abuse, it is very difficult for them change the style of life cos we live in so unpredicted and unstable country, and nearly all I know don't trust our government.

Mohamed, Holland
In Holland drug is legaal so you can find a lot of teenagers in de the street smoking it. I think this is not good for childern in jong age to use drugs.But I think also the best way is to inform the childern during media or school or even via the sociale workers. to worn them how dangeruase of drugs.I hoop you can understand what I mean. Iam very sorry for my bad English.

when im go arround the town near to schools normaly I see groups of boys and girls smoking

Mary, China
China has the same problem. But it is far more less serious than in UK. And China has the law which stipulate the drug dealers severe punish such as death panelty.

Elisa, Argentina
In my opinion education and information are the main ways to fight against drugs and alcohol.

the situation in china is less serious than in britain. china's government not only punish the drug dealers and users, but also teach young kids apart from the drug. i think this is not only the government's business, but also the family and school. so to teach young kids away from drug is a best way!

Ferhat ,Turkey
I think it isn't provided logical results with forbidding,using force and limiting meassurments.The parents end schools must get more time for their students and children.In the basic of all meassurens must be understanding and affection.

Gerhard, Norway
In Norway we have always been told by our newspapers that norwegians are the heaviest drinkers in Europe. On Saturdays nights this often seems true, but I guess newspapers are not a reliable source anymore.

Ricardo, Spain
In Spain, there is a big problem with teenagers in relation to drug abuse, not only with alcohol but tobbaco and cannabis. Here there is a custom among young people that consist on gathering them at the week-end, buy drinks and taking them, while they are chatting in parks and some places of the cities; they spend some hours in this type of meetings. Although authorities have banned to take alcohol in streets, it is quite difficult to control this behaviour in young people, who everyday start drinking and smoking at an early age.

Sarika, Turkey
I must admit that in Turkey this "drug" addiction problem also worrying.maybe it's not as bad as U.K still parents and government are facing with this. In my hamble opinion it all start with the parents.The age of 0 to 10 the british kids are just wonderful,well behiaved and they are well controled obeys to adults but when they come up around 10, they simply get wild and disrespectful and refused to listen their parents.The parents should spend as much time as they can afforded. At least that dangerous "teen" time,I mean 18 or 20 then children will distibguish what is good or bad for them.And the government should punnish drug dealers which the punnishment should be extremely heavy that never mind the selling they won't touch again the drugs.The drugs dealers and child abusers or killers should be tortured pretty well.But I am afraid in UK too much freedom and people get away with the bad things they do. Thank you Sarika

Jaya , Nepal
Parents need to do good friendly behave with their teenagers kids.

Nandagopal, Chennai, India
education should be imparted to schools students about the evils of taking drugs and further consquence they have face in their future. An awareness should be created with them rather than punishing them after they become addict. strigent laws are there in india, but only in laws books. they need to be enforced in reality.

It is an effective detection method to tackle school drugs problem as well as a precautionary measure to prevent the student from consuming drugs.

Ying Hu, China
I am a teenager in China and have some times binge drinking with my classmates but never used druges. I think it is terible and awful at same time I am afaid of it much as i know how it damage the people's health and make the societh disordered. I know China's govenment has given the laws to prevent the usage and selling of drugs but I don't know the details. Here I want to tell the teenagers like me don't use druges any more which is bad to your health and your country.

Daniel, Brazil
Most of the people claim about the crimes, but what makes the crime´s rate keep growing are those people that consume drugs. A rich boy claim for peace, but he goes to a dance club and buy drugs, financing the crime, and when something happen to him, he forget that he is the one resposable for everthing that are happening in our junker world. if everybody stop to consume drugs,this problem will be done, because what keep this industry of crime (the drugs) are us. Ww can change teh worls, let make this wishful thinking cames true, all together in the same though, no drugs for peace. Daniel Nascimento, Brazil

Stephi, Germany
Germany have a big problem with teenager and alcohol, because of the alcopops, many gilrs drink it. and little children smoke. mostly they are eleven when they are start to smoke. our government try to do harder laws, but it doesn´t help. the young people know how they get their drugs.but i think every country have problems with their teenager. the supermarket shouldn´t put the alcohol and the cigaretts in the shelves and when the adults ask, how to get the things, the workman give them what they need from the background. the smoker should only smoke in the outside!

Anees, India
Teenagers are not provided with drugs from the drug stores. Parents don't drink in front of children , Teenagers don't stay apart from thier parents. They don't stay out in mid nights.The restrictions mentioned are emotional and sentimental tie up this bascically make them restrict towards drug not completely but to an extent better than Britain teenagers.

Han Gye Soo. South Korea
In South Korea, there is no report about teenage drug addict officially yet, but a few students(not common) are in the habit of inhale "butane gas" secretly according to police investigation. As a resut They are sometimes subject to hallucinations and such behavior prohibited strictly by the public health law, because Those are prone to commit a crime :stealing, raping, fighting, or self injury and so on. In fact the real problem is adult drug addict. The following cases were reported by the government authority in the past years. Case 1: Famous actors, actress and popular singers had indulged in drug and sex in a hotel. All of them were expelled from their job and forced to jail against their will until their bad habit corrected. Case 2: One truck driver who arrested by police confessed that he has been taking drug to forget physical suffering during a night driving : in order to not overpowered with drowsiness because many drivers have not had enough sleep due to overwork. Case 3: A man who had been taking drug for many years, one day he stabbed his wife and two children to death in an unconscious state. He ruined both himself and his sweet home in the twinkling of an eye. Everyone was shocked by his brutal action. Case 4: A famous doctor who run a private hospital injected drug into his vein for years which used for treat his patients. The health authority noticed him about the revocation of doctor's licence and also he was behind the bars. He lost his reputation and a fortune at the same time. OK I'd like to suggest that school teachers and parents shoud teach about"The danger of drug addict" to their children. In conclusion one have to withstand the temptation to taking drug to guarantee one's happiness. thanks.

Ricardo, Brazil.
In São Paulo-Brazil you can easily get drugs anytime you want, it's a 24 hours business, in the middle of the night or right in the morning, inside the "favelas", on the outskirts of the city. If you don't have a car you can go by taxi. The Police are very affraid of going inside the favelas, the drug-dealers and their watchmen are heavily armed, sometimes better than the police itself. The police make deals with the drug-dealers taking money in order to allow this "free-hidden-commerce" of mainly cocaine, crack and cannabis. Drinking is not even seen as a problem but as a consequence. The state-schools would never take a random saliva or any kind of drug-testing. Unfortunately, in São Paulo crime does pay off, the crime-industry of kidnaping, arm-robery and bank-assault is growing fast, for most of the miserable young people is the best alternative of making money, because a regular job pays ridiculously small amounts of money, besides if you go to prison there's a very large possibility of scaping or make deals. The teenagers that succeed on any kind of crime are respected and claimed warriors in their comunity whilst the ones that try regular jobs are seen as a Joe-nobody.

Donastien, Cameroun
In my country,young people start taking drug and cigarettes too fast and it causes serious lung damage.Our government haven't any efficient policy to fight against it.they sometime take measure which seem to be very weak to cancel this bad behaviour.despite drugs dealer are sometime punished,it doesn't change anything and teenagers still consumed drug

China also has the problems with drug abuse ,not olny among teenagees,but also in adult.However,it's much less serious than in UK or some other countries.Chinese government try to do everything to deal with this problem,punishing drug dealer and the users,but what's more ,is how to help them to return to the normal life.And that is indeed the most importent thing nowadays.

Terry Jones, Thailand
Controlling the availability of restricted drugs is a government responsibility – controlling youngsters using them is a parental one. These two parties must work together on the issue by first of all examining the reasons why youths take drugs and how it is their parents are unaware of the habit. Some of the reasons are probably the lack of care the parents give to their children, the lack of interest shown in their children's day-to-day lives, and an apathetic attitude engendered by parents too busy with their work to fulfil their parental responsibilities by being there when they are needed.

Natsuko, Japan
We also have these problems in Japan.However,as far as binge drinking is concerned,people do not see it as such serious problem.That is the biggest problem.

S.K., Japan
Drug and binge drinking are not serious problems in Japan.I've never heard or seen people who do drugs. However,when I talked with an American teenager, she said that in America she can buy drugs at school because sometimes students'parents are drug dealers. She also said that in San Francisco the police visit her school and check the students' lockers. If drugs are found, students who own them will be arrested. This may sound harsh, but in order to protect teenagers from drug abuse, tough measures are surely necessary. I hope such situation will never happen in Japan.

Marlene, Mexico
In my country, Mexico, I think that we have many problems about the drugs and the binge drinkers. In the second case, specifically the young people, the teenagers, drinks a lot, and they're not responsable. the goverment has taken certain measures about it. At nights the teenagers use to drink a lot, without taking any control, Here in Mexico, in some cities if you drink alcohol on the streets the police send you to the jail. But taking about the drinkers that has a terrible adiction, there are many rehabilitation centers, On Tv appears many comercials about the damage of the drugs and the alcohol. Since many years, the goverment has been making many compaigns, trying to solve the problem. In Mexico, the use of drugs has been forbidden since I remember, and I think that maybe is this the reason that cause the use of the drugs. The drug traffic is punished with many years of prision.

Tham, Thailand
In Thailand has problems with drugs among teenagees same many countries in the world this is causing to have a chain problem such as sexual a buse(many have),don'have manpowers is useful for the country in the future,etc.Having announced in TV in order to be changed teenagees to correct way with drugs. Some thing my government have issued the rule to prevent teenagees frome drugs is don't allow who is age less than 18 years going the bar.

Ercy, Mexico
i think is very similar because... the people sell drugs outside the school, especially in the senior school because is the edge when the teenagers are more difficult, because they didn’t like to talk with their parent’s and they think the world are for them, but i think is not the same situation when we talk about the student or parent or incluit the government try to fight the problem of drug because in Mexico we have a big network of drug dealers and tha´s very difficult to resold but i think if we have a new government and we have a new propose, we can disappear the bigger problem, because just like Britain teenager the like a lot drinks in a row because they fells free, but it´s a big problem so i think it´s the same problem is just teenager identify problem

Mizar, Mexico
i have never thought that the sittuation in UK was so in the drug abuse, to be worried about. Here in Mexico we have the problems with binge drinking in teenagers, but the authorities have al ready been shuting down the places where the menors could buy alcohol, also they have prohibited the abuse of drugs by jailing menor who does it. But i think the level of menor who do this kind of indulged is not so high as it is in Mexico. Also i have been thinking that here in mexico they should punish more severely to the drug dealers and the teenager dealers because they are the ones that get into the schools and give drugs to kids. I think also most of the teenager have at least tried drugs one time in their lives and it just to see what is it like, so that may be the reason that the survey got so high. Here in Mexico the people are not so concerned about alcohol as they do for drugs.

Guillermo. Mexico
I think that this problem not olnly exist in this country, this is a problem of all the countries because people young take drugs or drink a lot of alcohol. I think that this problem begin the since education of boys, maybe because they have problems whit the parents or probles in the school, etc. Is good that government in europ do something to finish whit this problem.

Missael, Mexico
Mexico has a great problem with the alcoholism, the youths to early age they begin to take alcoholic beverages, causing hopeless damages. The majority of the children of the street they are doped every day until dying to early age. Exists great addiction by the cigarette, in all the ages. The government what has done is to prohibit the sale of individual cigarettes this causes smaller consumtion, what has left to cause is to try to avoid the poverty since goes of the hand with the drug addiction.

Jesus Diaz, Mexico
Teenagers and drugs The article is interesting, I think this problem is not only in UK, but in the whole world. At least talking about Alcohol. Here in Veracruz, teenagers can't do other thing than going out to drink beers or alcoholic beverages. And it has reached the point that nobody noticed this is a problem, everybody is accepting this as a reality and nobody do nothing to change it. At least in the UK the government is taking actions to stop the problem. Tougher penalties is a good corrective action but I think that will not solve the problem, I think the root problem is inside the family, and in the communication media, they cause high levels of frustration and takes teenagers to alcohol and drugs. When we are teenagers we are very vulnerable to other people opinions and we are always trying to identify ourselves with a group. Sometimes Alcohol and Drugs "help" teenagers to be in a group. Better education have helped the population to avoid many problems, maybe if the education comes and keep coming from the parents companied with love and care would help a lot to solve this big problem.

Janet, China
China has problems with drug abuse among teenagees, but not as serious as in UK, but has no problems of binge drinking. The school,parents and government have different rules to educate teenagers. Now,Government has very severe laws to punish drug dealer,such as death penalty.

Do you think that random drug testing at schools is an effective weapon against drug use?


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