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News about Britain
Story summary: Many people in Britain consider the number 13 to be unlucky. Some airlines avoid having a seat row numbered 13 - so the rows go from 12 to 14. And there are many other superstitions.

Camila - Brazil
From what I gather, the fear of not knowing what is ahead may be considered exciting for some people; however, there are many who do need some kind of guarantee that preserves their status quo. Most people find this support in religion; others, turn to superstition perhaps because it allows one to be in charge of his/ her own ritual.

madoshi sundara
I am supersitious and in my country almost every one have their own superstition-It is a matter of psychological effect,although I don't want to believe in them but without believing in them I con't be just comfortable so as long as I am not going to lose anything I will follow them

year is 2004. Are you supersitious? Really?

Alan from Taiwan
In my courty,the people have superstiticious belief. Can go to in the temple in here people to tell fortunes and to draw lots, how will want to know the future to be able.

Mojtaba from Iran
I'm not a supersitious,but in my country there are some people have these beliefes.

chengshi from china
In my country, many people consider the number 4 to be unlucky

Jean-Pol from Belgium
To walk under a ladder or hang an horseshoe over your fireplace is no proof that you are supersticious. It's a way to behave, to show that there is a part of incertainty in every man's life and that your are aware of it. To say "touch wood" in a conversation could simply be a way to give you some time to think before going on with the conversation

PIlar from Spain
In my country the people have the same superstitions like the English people. here some people dont want to pass down a leader, croix yours fingers when they see a black cat, they think that the zodiac is thruth, is unluckily that the salt shaker fell on the table and so a long list

Yong Gierl from South Korea
I don't think that I'm supersitious. However, there are some supersitions in Korea. The major thing is that we don't like number 4. It means dead in Korea due to the pronunciation. We call number 4 to /sa/ in Korean and /sa/ also means dead. Therefore, we don't like number 4 and prefer 'F' to '4' in a building level.

Yong Gierl from South Korea
I don't think that I'm supersitious. However, there are some supersitions in Korea. The major thing is that we don't like number 4. It means dead in Korea due to the pronunciation. We call number 4 to /sa/ in Korean and /sa/ also means dead. Therefore, we don't like number 4 and prefer 'F' to '4' in a building level.

hossam from syria
i plieve that we live as a unite in this universe n we attach by way or anothe to materials n spirits , if u cut flower her i think there is star will move ,as one body , i think our feeling n doing is reflecting on our world , n i dont worry to c any thing coz i believe in my way i ll face bad luck but i ll win finally....

Scarlett ,China
In China,many people think some dates are good and some are bad. They choose the good days to do things like wedding, opening ceremory,etc. In some good dates, many couples get married, and we can see all the good restaurant are ordered for weddings.

Scarlett ,China
Many people owe their failures to bad luck. And they use all kinds means to avoid bad luck.

dermot China
I think this is quite common , there are different taboo in different areas in the world for example in China it is not allowed to send a clock as a present for the prounciation for the word in Chinese is familiar with "die" and in other areas there are and there should be also some taboos .what we should do is just as"when in Rome do as Romens do "

Yasmine, Iran
In all countries there are superstitions, but the imporatant point is that how they affect our lives! In Iran No. 13 is considered unlucky. People also believe that when a young man & woman are getting married, a divorcee will bring bad luck if attends, while they are registered officially as a couple.Touching wood happens frequentl in our daily life both for fun and to close the evil eyes and ears.

judy li china
I think supersitious persons do exist anywhere in the world.

Jose Antonio, Spain
I think that the people in Spain is more superticius than they say. They have the same beliefs like the text says. Thus, the horseshous give good luck and crossing a black cat generate bad luck.

hodo from Somaliland
there are no any supersitious people in our country, i have no any idea to say such this wards the people's of this country are believed any of these things above mentioned

Stephen, China
I am not really supertious, but people may try to do something that bring them a sense of safe. for instance, wearing a necklace with god is traditionally a sign of protection. it does no harm to be supesitious as long as it can make you feel more comfortable.

Stephen, China
I am not really supertious, but people may try to do something that bring them a sense of safe. for instance, wearing a necklace with god is traditionally a sign of protection. it does no harm to be supesitious as long as it can make you feel more comfortable.

Artemis, Gregory, George -Greece
Artemis: In my opinion, superstitions are not a good thing because they make people afraidwithout any reason. But there are superstitions we believe in spontaneously like the black cats or broken mirrors. Gregory:Personally,I'm a very superstitious person.It's not by accident that there are many superstitions.I think that if I am not superstitious something bad is surely going to happen to me. George: I do not agree with any of this because people who think so are very pessimistic and try to find a way to hear the thing they want. On the other hand, sometimes, by accident, something may come true!!!!

Nuno from Portugal
In my country people are not supersticious. What I think is that people respect the signals of bad luck, such as the number 13. They try to avoid this signals just in case.

Jane from China
There are many supersitious person in the modern socioety of China.Every year has the name of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, such as a cow,a monkey,a monkey.This year is the year of monkey,if you were born this year,then as soon as the New Year beginning,you should wear a red belt around your waist for good luck.

Marija ,Lithuania
Our people say.If you forget something to take from your home ,come back and look at a mirrow ,before you take forgotten thing and leave again.Otherwise ,you will be unlucky that day. If I step on your foot ,inadvertently,Yuo will invite me to your wedding party.

Phil Belgium
I'm too scared to say I'm supertious, it would bring me bad luck ha ha ha But more seriuously, I gues most of us have the tendency to avoid walking under ladders though we are too proud to admit it. And who can tell he is not pleased with a good horoscope ?

Veronica - Tanzania
In my country many people believe in superstition. We believe they are people who have un natural power to come during the night into your house and bewitched you. Some of the witches can do sex with you without your knowledge.


Usman uk
some peoples in pakistan are superstitious about tuesday.They dont travel on tuesday they think tuesday's bad for them.

marco costa rica
It's bad luck to be superstitious

Ewa from Poland
In Poland almost everyone believes in such weird things like unlucky numbers and so on. Personally I don't believe or rather I'm trying not to... I think these believes are created by our inner need just to believe in something! Of course it's also the part of our history, the history of the world. It's something like fairy - tale, it's nice to hear that but it's impossible to believe in.

Toshi from Japan
I'm not rather superstitious so I don't almost care about old-fashioned beliefs. But sometimes I believe a sign that happend to be followed by my lucky like, you know, many sports player do.

Alex from Canada
NO bad luck is not about copping out, bad luck usually comes, onto one without one wishing it...example is a car accident, whiplash, a subsequent concussion, possible brain damage, getting hit from behind...that is not a cop out. Bad luck is prevalent in society, always has and will, There people who wish bad luck, I mean how many people watch competitive sports, auto racing, boxing, futbol, swimming, whom do you root for and not root for. Do you really think that people don't have a sixth sense, telepathic, powers, heck in life there are things one cannot control i.e car accidents if rear ended, earthquakes. Bad luck is more about being at the wrong place at the wrong time, bad luck is about getting that which somebody else wishes on one. Bad luck in great part in this time on earth is what is doled out by others. Good luck is when one wills/wishes/works for something and one can affect in a positive oneself and others.

i do not belive in bad luck or good luck,i belive that sometime thing just happend to chane your life ,like ,if you are in a significant place ant sertin time you might have a bad luck oe a good one . most people in my country do not belive in things like that cuse they have fath,plus in my point of vew if something is not logical and i can not understand it or belive it becouse it seems not real,i do not take it.

Duc from VietNam
I don't know i am really superstitious. Maybe I am half of superstitious person. In Vietnam, there are not many people tha believe in astrology. But in my country, every body often consults a clair-voyant for wedding day, building day or open day of a shop.

Susana from Argentina
I'm not superstitious. I don't believe in good luck and bad luck. In my opinion luck is related to lottery. Taking responsability for my own failings is in what I believe

Arturo from Argentina
I live in Jujuy (Argentine North-West). Every years in Febrary is the carnival in Humahuaca´s stream. In there, everybody must offer to the ground anything like: meal, beer, have a good harvest as well as good luck. If you go there once, you'll must go every years througthout your lifetime or it'll bring bad luck. I went once...I don't belive in superstitions, but just in case I go when I can.

Yossie, from JAPAN
In our country, we have a superstitious calendar, which indiates what day is the luckiest/worst day every 6days. Usually, we don't care about it. But in some special case (like helding a wedding or a funeral) most Japanese pay attention to the calendar.

iam not superstititious but in my contery ther is alot of superstitious people the black cat is one of our superstitions anther one is clean the home before the holydays becase they thoght that they clean the luke with it

Jensen, China
Many people are superstitios in my country,but I am not.I can take many things to prove this point,for example,in the Chinese new year festival,people like to eat fish and orange,because "fish" and "orange" means wealth and good luck.So,if you come to China to visit a friend in the Chinese new year, you should bring a big fish and some nice oranges,then you will be wellcome warmly.

In my Country, Colombia, most people are supertitious. I am not supertitious. I do not believe in that things; I believe in God. In many occasions I have passed below a stairs. In the Tower Colpatria where I work, the floor 13th exists.

I´m not a superstitious person at all...but.I understand when someone is always afraid of´s common all over the world..I think so..

Xavi, Barcelona, Catalonia
Here in Catalonia, the unlucky day is Tuesday 13th (not Friday 13th). I don't believe in superstitious, I really think that only believe in superstitious people that don't believe in themself.

In mordern China,I believe that most people are not superstitious except those old.But there is one case which I think is national superstition.Just as the number 13 in British,we regard the number 4 as a unlucky number,because its pronunciation is the same with "die" in Chinese. Many people avoid "4" apearing in numbers related with there life,especially the drivers. They don't like 4 in their car code.To avoid the drivers' bad emotion caused by this unlucky number,and therefore reduce the traffic accidences,the government has recently issues a law to forbiden the number 4 in any car code registered hereafter.

su , china
I'm not superstitious.In my country,some people are superstitious,but I think it is just a tradition ,if something bad comes,you can't avoid it!

maria, spain
I am not supersticious but I respect the people who are, for some people it is a very important issue and I respect their opinnion

wissam s. lebanon
i find these matters very funny. in my country one cannot cross over a child or he will stop his growth. also you cannot open an umbrella in the house cos it brings bad luck.

Stefy, Hong Kong
I’m not superstitious. Let’s think about it: Would superstition drive all bad luck away? Do you think good time & back time help us grow stronger?

Carmen from Hong Kong
As HK used to be a British colony, the superstitious stories from West and East are mixed here. To me, I am not superstitious. I agree with Aftab Alam.

Li from China
I am not a superstition. I do believe that sometimes you are lucky or unlucky, such as some chances are unavailable to you but to someone else. But in my opinion, all these things depend on yourself, including your knowledges, thoughts, behaviour and characteristics, and so on.

In my country if a black cat crosses your road it's bad luck and it's more safe to wait for anotherperson to pass.That has been the only thing I feared before an exam,but definitelly I don't believe in this things.Thanx for the interesting subject

sati iran
in my country the people are superstitious they hate the number of 13

Jose Luis M.A Mexico
In my country there are many people superstitious, I think this is because our culture is so.In fact, the superstitiosn change for each region.

Hello! The most of brazilian people is supersticious,with the same bizarre behaviours described in the BBC Learning English Services:knocking woods,avoiding black cats etc... Sometimes, in the country regions, we can hear adult peoples talking very seriously about "warewolves",ahahah! But the "Umbanda

Angela from Italy
I'm not superstitious. You don't have to be superstitious to avoid walking under ladders. It is just good sense!

Aftab Alam
People to people it is defer about superstitions.No number is good or bad for us.All are equal to their status and value.People who have poor believe can think about these thing.Most of the educated people in our country don't believe on supertitious.It is God who have the power of doing every thing.We should trust on God.

Jay (Korea)
I don't believe any superstition. In Korea, number 13 is just a regular number as others. So, why worry? No Korean suffers from bad lucks because of that number. Koreans taboo writing their names in red. But I don't care, because it's a lucky color in another country. If many people are OK with their names in red, then why wouldn't I? I wrote my names 100s of time, but I've never suffered from it. ^^

Wanming Lan,China
I believe there are good lucks and bad ones. As you see there are lots of things that we cannot, up to now, explain clearly why they are so. And as I myself often predict both for myself and for others with I Ching(an ancian Chinese book-the book on the Change). The percentage of successful outcomes reach above 70. What's more, sometimes I can clearly predict what will go or is going on with someone or something.

Aboubacry Dieng senegal
I think people are differant evryone have an idea about that. some belive othres not.but the best think don´tbelive it.

Bety - Mexico
in my country we are supertistious, like friday 13, or de 1st friday of march, when the sorcerers come along in catemaco , veracruz and it´s a day when the negative energy it´s everywhere, and you need to wear somethig red, or backwars.

virgilio nogueira rezende - brasil
here in brazil people are very supersticious and believe on everytthing !!! i agree when the comment say it´s a way to avoid the real reponsabilities and live in a not real world !!! i dont believe in witch and magicians but the medicine was born whith the old experiences like the alkimists and it will be always a taste of magic on our destiny regards to all of yours !!! tanks VIRGILIO

Massa from Japan
It sounds healthier to use superstitions in explaining unlucky incidents than to use psychological terms.

maba uk
may be it will be but It's not particaly to do it. because some people have ability to do it. many thanks from your friend maba .

Dasha from Ukraine!!!
Hi to everybody! So I think that despite the nationalities, there are some people in every country who are supersitions and some-who is not. As to me I believe in God but I think that people are the masters of their fortune, as people are the cleverest being in the world so to my mind it is not good to live with some limits (this is about number 13-th or about cat). We have to live, to take care of our relatives, to take part in the development of our country and it is silly to take under consideration such childish things, I think so!

kgkang, south korea
I am betweens. In my country, many people beleve budda since sila dynasty imported from china around 400 A.D. on the other hand, our races give a respect for ancestors guarding their descendents including regional gods of represent their natural characteristics. On childhood, I lived in countryside remote from metropolitan. every time my mother face important things such as previous date of test, university enterance exam of sons or daughters, my mother prey for ancestor's gods in order to overcome this coming difficulties and improve the better lives. nowadays, many young people was influenced by their parents so, I often see some young people to find the fortune tellers to predict their prospects and fortunes. In particular, when our society stay stable, this superstitions disappear but when unstability of our society happen, the superstitious behaviours and rites prosper and infiltrate into people's mind feeling unstability of their future. To sum up, I think that the superstition have good aspects and bad aspects on our society and constituents. the good things is encouraging many people to refresh thier mind and look forward their future. bad thing is that it make our society unstable and interrupt to develop our social rapports with peoples. Therefore, all things depend on each's resoulation and ability. I hope that all people behave ethically and reasonably.

Mohammed (Iraqi) live in UK
I do not think number 13 unlucky, in my country many people think 13 is unlucky number.

Carol from Taiwan
I am a superstition. In my coutry, a lot of people go to temple when they encounter troubles. They hope God to give them answers and help them trough the bad situations. So do I, somethimes I will go to find the fortune tellers to figure out my future.

Georgi, Bulgaria
I think that the superstitions peopel are the person who belive in the value of the sasoety. These person are a nice and good person. They are in general hones and they hate to lie. Every person has to belive in something. Best regards, Georgi.

Laurius from France
In France, there are many superstious people and after reading our story I noticed that superstitions are the same.We also say : Fear don't protect us from danger. Please, excuse me for the vocabulary faults, it's the first mail I send in english language.

Lut Creemers (Flanders)
I did think of myself as NOT superstitutious. That changed when my husband and I were in Italy on a vacation. Riding en sightseeing in the beautiful Tuscany, a black cat ran under the wheels of my car: dead! The following night, burglars 'visited' the hotel, stole my handbag with the carkeys in it (while we were sleeping!!) The next morning, we did find my handbag in the garden: all my creditcards were in it with all my other 'little things', but my car was gone. The revenge of a witch? Eversince, I do not so easily laugh anymore with the superstitions of other people...

Andre Perrinjaquet - Switzerland
Never be superstitious! It brings you bad luck...

Mohammed, Kingdom of Bahrain.
I think that few Bahrainis are Supertitious. Most of Bahrainis believes in Allah. They think that Allah is fair with all people and gives equal chances for each. Some Bahrainis are strange in their behaviour. They believe in ' effects of eyes that hate them. They go sometimes to persons that cheats them and steal their money.

I'am a superstition man,although I'm young and educated from university.I think it is a tradition and a special culture of my own country.

Han Gye Soo. S.Korea
Your article is very interesting and funny. In our country, Arabic number 4 is an unlucky figure.according to Korean custom, it stands for "death". for example, if you visit Korean hospital, you never find 4th floor or 4th ward anywhere. Koreans dislike number 4 and it's similiar to your avoiding number 13. Superstition come into vogue among people who rely on chance. At the begining of the lunar year, many Koreans visit fortuneteller's house in order to find a proper solution about their destiny. Students who graduated from university or college visit the same place and ask questions about personal affairs. People's common questions are like the following. "when can I get a good job?" "when can I find my ideal marriage partner?" "is it true my husband or wife having an affair with other partner?" "should I get divorced against my will?" "when can I make a killing?" "can I pass or fail at entrance exam of famous university?" "is it possible my wife recover from serious illness?" etc.of course you have to pay big money as a fortuneteller's fee. in fact,customers pouring in fortuneteller's house and predictors are alternating between joy and embarrassment. if you want to have an opportunity to consult a fortuneteller about your unknown furture, it's essential to make a reservation for a certain date and time at least before one week and wait your turn patiently. Some people bring a suit against fortuneteller for wrong prediction and ask for "take responsibility for the failure of correct prediction."(=barking up the wrong tree).until now, I never met a person who got a right answer from a fortuneteller. the following Korean proverb will be a good advice. "Even fortuneteller don't know exactly about his or her last moment."

Carlos, Colombia
Many people in Colombia consider the frady 13th unlucky and they never walk under a ladder too. Also it's unlucky to see a black cat and to break a glass is consider that something bad is going to happen.

Daisy from China
many people in my country are a bit superstitious.but some of them rely on the superstition and other are not so dependent.

Hilario from Spain
In my opinion, most people in Spain consider also the number 13 to be unlucky

Heike, Germany
I know a lot of superstitions but I do not believe in bad luck. We have one about spiders: Seeing them in the morning should bring bad luck but seeing them in the evening should bring good luck. I know a good trick for supersticious people to avoid the bad luck with the spiders. You can learn, were a spider web is nearby and look after it especially in the evening ;) If it is for good, I am not against supersticions.

Superstition is a belief, just like the worship to God, I think. There are many old people who are superstitions. For exmaple, they think the God will cure their illness, instead of the medicine. In our country, the number 4 is unluck for it pronounces just like the words "death". And crow is also an unlucky represent.

sapna from pakistan
thanks bbc, if i learn english i always thank to you . in pakistan no terend off english i am very kean to learn this launge thank once again bye

Minlu from Taiwan
I think the origin of superstitions is that in the past people were lacking in knowing the world, so when they have to explain the reason of how things happen, there will come out the sayings that we call suprstitions today. In Chinese culture, some are related to the words' pronunciations, for example, the word "four" in Chinese sounds like "death", so people don't like to use it; in Chinese new year there will be fish as a dish because "fish" and the word "surplus" sounds the same,it means to bring in surplus of money in the coming year. I don't believe in those things, but I still thinks sometimes it's interesting and it is also a part of the culture.

emanuela - Italy
In my country, Sardegna, people believe that is important to wear pants or shirt at wrong side, to send evil-eye away. Bye

Simon from China
In China, some of the old people are superstitious. But the young generation are not supertitous.

Jan Afghanistan
The superstitions persons are not good they are not fair to live in society. I dont like themselves and I want aviod from them.

Jean (Myanmar)
Myanmar peoples are in middle. Some of them are superstitious and Some of them are not. But for my family are not a superstitious. My parent less talk about these things. If you say 13 is unluky number, I am born in 13. I totally believe that I am not unluck girls.

Ricky ( China, currently in Aussie)
In the real world, there are a lot of things which is out of our control. That's the reason people are superstitious.

dq china
There is long history about superstition in CHina, and also there are lot of stories about superstition.and nine of ten chinese people are belive in superstiton in the past. now, with knowing about more science and teconology, people are getting more and more right point about some superstitions nowadays, but there still keep a lot of customs. such as, people don't like number 4,because it sounds like the pronounce of chinese word of dead, so most of people go about avoiding it, people are always like number 6, 8, especially number 8, it is favorate number to Chinese people, because it sounds like of chinese word meaning "make a fortune", and same story number 6 sounds like the chinese word meaning "all is ok". so a lot of people would like spent more money to buy a good number of house, telephone number, car number ect., hope to it will bring him or her a good luck. do you know why people always like playing firecrackers? because chinese people think it will drive out of evils and bad luck and bring in the god of wealth and good luck to new year.

elion South Africa
Superstition is a nice way out when you experience any event that cannot be explained.But,it's no good to remain superstitious when there is scientific evidence that can explain it.I have seen some people who live in a very rural believe their grossly enlarge foot is due to magic spell even when the local clinic showed them it's the parasite that cause it.If they still hold their belief ,the consequence on their health will be a disaster.

I think it is simply a silly belief. Here in Italy we have the same superstitions as you. Especially in the south of the country there are customs like these and some people use to hang up a chilli somewhere in their home or car, so the unlucky events stay far away. It is strange thinking that we "need to have fear"; why? Cheers. Luca

Mohammad Fida Canada
No I don't think myself a surperstitous. However, I wish to recall Sir Winston Churchell who did believe Friday occuring on 13 a bad day. When he got the word on the death of President Rosevellt he said what bad Friday the 13....

Héctor Vázquez, México
I think that good or bad lock only depend from people. In my country many people is superstitious. Basically they have the same customs that in the history.

Giorgio from Italy
In Italy many people are superstitions, I am superstition but not fanatic. I think that people haven't no good existence. Bye Bye Giò.

I dont believe superstitions.but i think there are some of them true.for example we think in Iran when your palm of hand scratch,you will get a lot of money.or we think in Iran If you have particle on your cup of tea,you will have a guest. concerned,pour-mohsen.

pan from Taiwan
I am not a supersition's person.But there are a lot of thing that I cannot explain.So I just believe something but not too supersition.



peter from china
Superstitions are sometimes a habit rather than a belief. These people are not certain that what they think is right,but they simply can't change their rooted way of thinking and living,for example,avoiding number 13,which derives from their families and parents. It isn't troublesome if you are superstitious,for superstitions doesn't cause much unpleasure to others. But it's really absurd and unnecessary and brings no benefit to you.

moses , portugal
I personally believe myself and not let any superstitions to effect my life. I have my goals to achieve and I am not let any superstitions to effect my achievement.

Nelly Romero, Peru
In our country, people is very superstitious. They believe that if a cat crosses in front of you, walk under a ladder, break a mirror or you look yourself at a broken mirror; something bad is going to happen to you. They also think that if you drop some salt, your fortune will change and you will become poor.

Sangmu from Korea
My country also has superstitions.One of the superstitions is number '4'is bad luck.So many apartments or hospitals of Korea have no '4th'floor.

kenny from hong kong
The number 14 that it means you'll die soon in our country

dale chen China
in china i think some people are very supertitious.when we move house,go to far place, our mother or grandmother always search a good day in a book,then deciside which day.i think it is very complex,and it is too old.but almost everyone do this,so we view it as common or traditoon sometimes.but something is very the twelve animals as twelve years.everyone have his animal year.we like it sometimes.13 in china is not a bad number.we chinese view 4 and 10 as bad number.because their pronunction sound like the word of death. we think 6 and 8 6 are luckily number.
Sophia, from Ethiopia superstations in my country belif in making traditional coffee at home they think that it has a power to protect them from danger so if they are in a hury and go out without making coffee they think that some thing bad will hapen on them before the end of the day so they are very afraid. Specially Wednsday and friday.

Edee from China
In China,the number 4 is always considered to be unlucky, because the pronunciation of "4" in chinese is similar of "death". People always try to avoid having car number including 4 or living on the third floor(in China,it will be the forth floor). If you get into the lift, you will see the button 1, 2, 3, and then M, standing for 4. I don't think a number can cause something bad to happen. But I do believe that if you are superstitions and keep thinking you would fail, then the result may be so.

Alan from Taiwan
There are so many superstitions in Taiwan. It was the clearest superstition in my childhood is about the moon. When I was a child, I cannot point at the moon using a finger. Because my parents said that it’s not polite and the woman who lives in the moon will cut your ears. So, I didn’t point at the moon after that time in order to my ears are safe.

SK from Japan
People around me and I are far from being superstitious. So there is only one example of superstition I can think of. That is, some people don't like number "four", because in Japanese 4 is pronounced as "shi" and it means "death" in Japanese.

ricardo Ecuador
I do not belive in friday 13

Eva Geng, China
Most youngsters in our country are not as superstitious as their parents.

tsiyang from china
i come from Tibet, that may mean plenty to other peoples, because there are strong bhudism atmosphere.13in our culture doesn't mean bad luck or impies something bad; but we still have our own sense of superstitions. i just give several examples that i have learned:if someone shakes of dust when you are just walking through the fron of him/her, that would bring bad luck to you;if one person conducts unusal,such as a lazy man do cleaning abnormaly, or someone sponteneously has great eager to do farewell to everybody when he is going to leave, that would mean sth could happen to him,so forth. anyhow, i would say that sometimes there would happen strangely, but in my opinion, there have something to do with psychology: what would happen depends on what people do, so your mental controls all your behaviour, thus self-confident is absolutely important to a person nowadays.

Yao from China
Some people in my country are superstitious and others are not. One traditional custom in my hometown is hanging a mirror on top of the front door of a house to ovoid the coming of evil spirits.But young people are ignoring things like this.

yune - Indonesia
In my country, so many people do believe superstitions and sometimes it influences our lifestyle.Even I'm not a superstitious, but I do follow it just considering our culture. It is interesting. It can be like a joke sometimes,but "forbidden joke" of course. But I think it will be wiser if we keep on our faith and just let the superstitions flow like winds that always come through. Peace...!

Ben-Hur Rava - Brazil
in my country there are many superstitions that are common in other countries. But any people think that to use herbal arrangments help them. I don´t no, but, nobody know...

KS, Korea
In Korea, there was no superstition of ‘13th of Friday’. But after opened the movie Friday of 13th, they were talking about the day. But still it is not serious and wide spread. Due to the world's globalization, many information and customs from western countries spread out in Korean society, such as Valentine days, Halloween day etc. Even some western customs are modified into Korean way. For example, the Valentine day is spread widely in my society, new days after Valentine day are came out, White day (14th of March), Black day (14th of April) etc. There are many superstitions in Korea. It is about the number 4. The pronunciation of number 4 is the same as the pronunciation of the Chinese letter which means 'the death'. Tourists from foreign countries ask Korean people, why the buildings do not have fourth floor. The answer is Korean do not like the number 4.

Roberto Brazil
I agree with Dr Wiseman. Superstition is a backup strategy used to apologize for failure. What a Neanderthal feeling !!!

Evelia from Panama
Our futuro depends on the way we act in our life not because today is 13th, or you saw a black cat... We should believe in ourselves and God. If you strongly think something bad is going to happen, then it will happen because it is what you believe, but any superstitions is true just take out of your mind and it will dissapear. Trust on God only.

harvey China
China is getting more and more open, but Chinese people are getting more and more superstitious. Take number for example, the most favorite one is 8 which have similar pronouciation with the word "making money" , and people avoid using the numver 4 , just as it has similar pronounciation with the word "death".You can see people choosing 8 for their telephone, car number...the price of commodity is 18yuan, 28yuan,88yuan...etc.A wedding ceremony or a new company's openning ceremony start at 11:28am ,17:18am... In China the pronounciation of 8 is "ba", when you say it you should open your mouth widely , and it sounds good. I think it is one of the reasons contribute its popularity.

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