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British study say: Unrequited love can be a 'killer'
Lovesickness can kill and should be taken more seriously as a legitimate diagnosis, according to health experts. Have you ever been love sick? Has anyone ever been in love with you but you could not return their love?
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ya its a greate felling, mean time it gives me a full confident to take easy the strugle in daily life.

Noor, Kabul
I agree love sickness is so serious.but she come unfitful , Now I am maried but I cant forgate her , because she was my first love and I loved her like crzy.

Jing, UK
Yeah, i agree that lovesickness will drive one crazy.No one wants to be a loser and this makes us reluctant to accept the truth when we are refuesed.We have always learned from stories and movies that as long as you hold on, the one you love will be finally moved and be your lover. Does this happen in real life? possible but not often.But we don't have enough experience to tell truth from fiction. I just feel sometimes to give up is not a bad thing, esp to people who will never turn to you when you need them.

Massa, Japan
While reading other writers' sincere messages, sour memories of my lovesick experience have flooded into my mind. Much to my relief, they've not been making me feel miserable nor crazy any longer. This has surely given me a lesson that I can't necessarily get what I want. But I don't feel like congratulating myself on being mature or having better perspectives about lovesickness. Even though lovesick people can look very funny or ridiculous from other people's point of view, their pathetic confusion sometimes attracts me, reminding me of old pain. In A Midsummer Night's Dream, a funny side of lovesickness is fully used. Those who suffering from lovesickness, why don't you try this drama? This may soften your pain. Cheerio!

Ismat Ara
I think lovesick is a disease.when human being dosen't control thyself any thing or any subject then its a disease.When I was student then I saw a several unexpected occurance,even didn't sleep,eating even at the last moment they tried to do sucide.

Phuong, Vietnam
there are many boys decleare his feeling to me that ,he love me.but ,i refuse him.i think that ,when you are refused by the girl you feel in love,you will be very sad,everything seems seriously ;you can't sleep at night,can't focus what you intend to do,sometimes you become crazy

Alessandro, Brazil
Lovesickness is a big problem in my opnion. It is a time that you want to die, to commit suicide...we have no forces to do anything then we start regretting to our friends and these so-called friends be away from you. You feel alone and you lost the reason. Its a time when you should have a break to yourself and understand that you are not the only one suffering. Its a time that you should try to do something to yourself such as a course for e.g. Its is just the beggining to start helping. To "replace" and find another one can be a mistake because this heart should be cured firstly. I loved a Polish girl despite the different culture I loved her. I am feeling better at present but sometimes I have her into my mind. She is in Poland and I am in Brazil nowadays but I will always remember her...then I realized it will be a remembering now I overcame this situation. But it is not easy the most import is be positive - always, because you are important to yourself.

Jade, China
yes, in China there is a saying "xiang si cheng zai", it means missing somebody can make person feel pain. I think it is very vivid to describe the situation of lovesickness. And I think it's common a symptom in our salad days. So just look it as a beautiful memory in life. And wish that person could have a better future.

To love someone but not be loved is sad, but that's life. One year ago, a foreigner fell for me but due to my problem, I didn't accept him. He was so saddened. Now I went through the same feelings because when I realised that I was in love with him, it was too late---he had met someone else... Now I get experience from it:love when I should love.

I don't know what is love is..but I used to like someone very much and it's almost called one-sides love.I was suffered from hopelessness,and feeling hurt.I didn't cheer up myself.I pretended that I didn't care but I checked email or the text message everynight and day.I was cured by time and the hurt feeling was gone away and I've learned how to deal with it.I was lucky!

Jacky, China
The true love should be a love which do not need requite. Sometimes we think about what we can receive from our love. But I think it is wrong, we do our best for another half, we hope they get felicities. It is not need requite. Maybe we get pains from the unrequited love, but we must learn to adjust ourselves. It is my opinion.

Les, Italy
Aout 19 years ago, my uncle died at the age of 62, hehad been married for 42 years and just a few months after his death, his wife died, diagnosed as "died of a broken heart"

Farouk, Egypt
in 1998. I fell in love with a young woman. she did't love me now .I have been sufering from lovesick . i don't know what can I do

Mario, Chile
I have never been lovesick because I am a man very realistic.

Nasrin, Iran
yes i have felt in unrequited love some years ago! but in my idea lovesickness is not a kind of diseas, that is mental problem which everyone may face with it. totally we can say that is kind of disorder of emotions. so, how we can overcome to our agitation? i think , if the people could control own feelings, emotions and then make coordinated their behaviours and actions with their emotions.

Ri, Korea
I agree lovesickness should be taken as normal disease from my sad experience. when I was in impossible love with my classmate, if my parents did not inspect me, I would probably take a suicide. Several years late I could realize my state.

Yang, China
Yes,sometimes lovesickness is so serious that i could not sleep.a girl who is my neighbour is my first love,but she always doesn't receive my dating.

Few years ago, I fell in love. She didn't love me, and I was in Heaven with her. We still are friends, and it was very long for me to accept that we won't go further than friendship, so love burned me for years, so that now i am nearly just nothing but cinders! But, it thaugh me a lot of things that i can realize now. I am more self-confident, less weak, this kind of experience help me to grow up a lot.

J.E Wu, Malaysia
To hope is to risk disappointments and to love is to risk not being loved in return. In every decision that we make in every stages in life, we take risks; to live is to risk. When in love, knowing that nothing is permanent and that we will part with our partners eventually, we still want to fall in love, be loved and to love.When we are in love, everything seems so fine and heavenly. The phrase " Love is blind" can be so true. Anyone who were once truely in love will agree with that. His or her flaws become a chance for us to learn to accept the imperfections in humans and life as a whole. Even the worst bad habits which we can not tolerate in ourselves can be tolerated in our soulmates. He or she becomes so much a part of our lives.. a part of our soul, that when the relationship ends, it's almost like the end of the world. Personally,i think emotional pain/mental pain is much more intense than physical pain. We have cases of people inflicting physical pain upon themselves, by biting, cutting or burning their bodies. By doing so, they are actually trying to diverge some of these mental pain into physical pain.. therefore,lessening the intensity of their mental torment. Love sickness can indeed be a serious problem.. I've learned to understand one simple concept in taking risks be it love or anything else. Only take the risks if u think u can afford to bear whatever consequences when the worst hits. Learn to let go.. no, not by forgetting all the sweet memories that u once shared with ur soulmates, but rather thankful that it happened after all.

I think that unrequited love can ruin somebody's life and all of us shuld avoid such a love but if we fall in love in wrond person and it is too late to stop that feeling what shuld we do now?I thought that time is the best cure...but it isn't.

Mr. Rith, Cambodia
Yes, I have. I'd been in love with a mis.In my mind she's not very beautiful, but I had loved so much I can say and either had she.She said I had been a real man amongs men. 'It's u , my darling, who makes me cry and keeps saying I really love u'She said to me.But then we've walked different way by a small thing.I did my best to talk to her, but she didn't listen to me. I can say I failled to get her listen to me, 'cos she was determined not to listen to me.She just did as she was told by her mother. Then I had started to think that my hard work brings me nothing but misery. I abondoned. I was getting soon in lovesickness. I just thought of her every now and then in my free time. I was just thinking about her for the same activity again and again. And I even wrote what to do, what to say if met her by chance about over 100 pages.Oh my God. The God really helped me. Because during the meantime, I've been really busy with my work, and my self-improving.I could make my self even busier by reading, by researching, and I could keep my self away from her, I mean I tried not to see face in face really. Now I AM O.K.

Ki, korea
I`ve been suffreing from lovesick for 2 years. I don`t know how should i do...

Mohamed, America
I never been love sick in my life

Natalia, Poland
In my opinion, lovesickness is a problem, which can touch everybody, around the world, I was also in love with somebody who didn't feel the same as I. The best method is finding another person.

One girl love me since we meet each other in the same company, but I never love her. I look her as my best friend. and now she always give me some information on loving me.also tell some of people, she love me. it makes me so embarrass sometimes. ESP! when I want to look one girl as my girlfriend. also I told her, it is impossible for me to marry with you. but she don't mind. so I think probably lovesickness is a kind of illness. just like is so dangerous. probably let sb to suicide.

Yes I have been lovesick, and the worst think I faced was that the person I loved became ignorant because he believed what to call discrimination and he was feeling himself some one who is very important than others. then I became lovesick. Now I'm okay, but when ever I see that person I feel love and get angry. Asha.

N. Komen, Kenya
I have broken other peoples hearts as much as mine have been broken. Now ai am peractical and base my present love affair on intellectual and romantic grounds. Whenever iam lovesick I heal myself throuhg another relationship and believe in God. As soon as I get new love iam healed-it works so dont kill yourself. sex can lead to love and love can lead to sex, but a long lasting relationship is a meeting of minds and interests. If harnessed the power of love can create more happiness among people and nations and even immortality for the believe in love of god has brought utopia to believers. I am a diehard romantic- though intellectual- love conguers even the conqerers.

Yesus, Ethiopia
love sickness hmm, i personaly do not beleive it is truely sickness,but i would say it is the mind's thought that brought all the idea of the effects as we cleaming that there is love sickness.

Nikol,Czech Repulbic
someone has been in love with me,but I haven't been interesting in him.It was terrible,because he phoned me very frequently on mobil phone and at work too and sent me sms and love poems.I hope,I'll be never in love as much as he was.Nowdays I have met someone,who I can love,but I recognised that he is married!For a few dates I didn't know it of course. So I have to try to be only his friend..I wonder if he will like it..

sw16, UK
lovesickness realy is a deseas. soecialy, when you miss your friend or father or mother and so on. iam going to show my experiance with my twins as achild. after i traveld to britain to work there, i felt somthing losted it. i can't work, i can,sleep. i can,t eat and all that time iwas thinking for my twins boy after that i can stay in london until i brout them with me.from this experiance i learnet the lovesickness is auxhusting for your live.

When I was young I loved someone who is someone else wife now.She was my first true love.I never forget her, and I never forgive her.Now I am married and happy with my life.

Kibreab Gebreyesus, Ethiopia
I think love sicknes is not real sickness but It can lead you to another sicknesses like headache,madness and other like psycologicaly complicated diseases which can affect the mind.i have exprience this when i looved a girl and she could not understand me which she thought i was jocking because i always tell her jocks.

Thanh Uyen, Vietnam
i'm 20 now and i have never fell in love before . Do you believe ? I haven't found anybody special so that i don't know what lovesickness is . But in my opinion love leads us to the hevean and hell as well when we split up . So that you have to be careful before asking you sweetheart . And be very serious in love . Anyone who share this idea with me ? Anyway everybody needs love , they like to take a risk on love .

Aric, USA
With all due respects to the Psychologists involved in this study, but didn’t Shakespeare come upon this revelation about 300 years ago? “Well, sit thee down, sorrow! for so they say the fool said, and so say I, and I the fool: well proved, wit! By the Lord, this love is as mad as Ajax: it kills sheep: it kills me, I a sheep: well proved again o’ my side!” -Love’s Labour’s Lost Act IV. Scene III

Evgeniya, Russia
Lovesickness is a real desease, but it can be cured by means of consciousness. I'm sick of unhappy love now and I do my best to stay cool, to become better than I was before that love. Otherwise it's senseless. Try to love yourself and respect yourself, and then others will do this also. Understand what you do want from the relashionships and try to get what you want. It's OK! Only then (whan you understand what you really want) you can trust in love and other people. Be cool!

Itxaso, Basque Country
It's of course a real disease. Once you fall in love you can't think of anything else (that's at least what people say). Unfortunately, I have never fallen in love and that's why i can't give my personal opinion. But it seems to be wonderful, even if it's not returned.

Amin, Afghanistan
yes, I have been in love and still i am in love, i have a girl which i haven't seen her yet, beleive me when i got that, that i am in love with her i was waking up every mid night and thinking about her, i don't know why, now i got that i am sick of love, only i got her photo nothing else.and now i am in touch with her through Email and Telephone. wish best of luck to succeed, Thanks for BBC

from my point view, all which come in artical is true, it is happed to me ,i fell deprssion

Layla, Iraq
Lovesick not nescery against lover my be against others,

Suat, Turkey
I think lovesick should be regarded as a serious disease.Because of my experiences when I was in lovesick I was really depressed.

Christin, Germany
I think that lovesickness is a very serious disease. I think everyone who even was fallen in love and their boyfriend/girlfriend had breaken up, knows the feeling. Some people are unstable and can not accept it and think they are totaly lonely know! But this vary from one to another.

Nastya, Russia
In my opinion, love is the most illness in the world. It is crafty, but every one wants love and wants be love... To love or not to love...

Aung Myo OO, Myanmar
I hope love is very difficult to understand. But everyone will be touch in their life one time. If your relation broke each other. You are going to feel lovesick. I have been in love onetime,in telephone conversation.At length, she left me. I wich I were death.How poor.

Lao Feng, China
this book is good.i have been lovesick in midschool,now i still miss her.

Adel, Syria
Heart can be broken once in lifetime,any way ,as a doctor , I believe that being hurt is like vaccine ,once you take it your life is much safer with more confidence with more maturity and finally ,with more caring and being tact

Abir Hadjeri, Algeria
i guess lovesickness is a real desis

Said, NL
i have been in love with manny grils in my life .but i have never experinced this love illness.i think most of the time women do experiens that socalled lovesicknessbecouse of their sencevity.but as man it took me most of the time 2 weeks to forget about it.

Cinya Doon, China
Yes,that's a big problem with no answer in our life. Love is powerful,Love is everything in our spirit world.Everyone want to find out his&her true love,the person you waiting for just like a bus,you must get in the right one.Have you met your Mr. right yet?

Fay, China
Of course lovesickness is not a disease. On the country, i think proper lovesickness is a force of work or study. As a person ,he or she must have something or somebody to persue. Only in that way can our life be colourful.

Hoang, Viet Nam
I tnink lovesickness is a true illness. Sometimes in my heart, I am very regretful, I didn't catch my love. She so much loved me but I never tried to near her. Now she has married so one thing I can do is only miss her.

Diamomd, Iraq
real there is no love i believew all that is admiration moyfill time the one wanna to put him self in it is exhaustion for empty time no more and love sickness hust adesease for weak people no more (love os blind and livers cn not see what they commit) thank about all

Red, UK
It is a disease and far more self destructive if not checked. A person who suffers from should be given professional help and not be left alone to cope with it.

QQ, China
thank you for taking time to read my comments:i think i have been in this state for a long time,and i'm so worried that my husband who are working at a different city will leave me sooner or later,i can't trust him and even myself.i would cry for a trifle,actually i hate myself in such a distable condition.however,after reading this article,it seems to be that i have found what's wrong with me.but,i still wonder how to put myself off the hook of such a compulsive disorder.

Tuanviet, Vietnam
After reading this article,it seems to be that i have been in this this state ,maybe one time.Howerver it was not serious as you think.I still remember that at that time when i-maybe in love with her,but i dont show that feeling ,actually her image was always in my mind -i mean every time ,every think i see.I can't get her face out of my mind.I dont know how to say.But few days later i realized that that feeling was not strong enough to keep going. thanks for taking time to read my comments

Roland, New Zealand
I think that people have taken it not in the right way.Because if you take love in the right way it can be very enjoyable. Even lovesickness can be enjoyable.think it as a experience and do it in the rigth way.

Michael, New Zealand
love sickness is not a good thing toward the society. People get serious illness ...well not a very good idea to express your love feeling.

i think that lovesickness dose affect on person,but it's vary from one to anther.

Didier, Belgium
I would say that lovesickness is a state of mind and not a disease. But apparently, after having read your article, it seems that professors say that it's a sickness... so who am I to dispute a doctor's opinion. In the end, sickness or state of mind... it should be taken care off. First with family and friends but if that doesn't do the job, professional help should be taken into consideration. Thx for taking the time to read my comment ;)

Tim, USA
I think it is a very dangerous state of mind to be in. It does lead to unhappiness and frustration,especially when your love is not returned. It could lead to insomia,and possible death. My advice is we should all try to get our heart healed as soon as possible.

Geng Dong Yi, China
I don't think lovesickness is a disease, we should regard it as a misfortune of life, which most people might meet.I also agree that it is a test of character of human being,those who are reasonable and mature should overcome this problem and should not be overwhelmed.

phan - Vietnam
I think lovesickness is very bad for the young. Although i have some experiences about lovesick, i tried to pass myself. I went out with my girlfriends, went to coffeeshop, did anything i like. I want to be more confident before the man i love. After a period of time, i feel rather better, i meet him again, everything is normal.

ku du ren sheng , China
As experts say,lovesickness can kill,or at least destroy one's mood.Unfortunately,it seems that I am in lovesickness at present.The reasons for this say are as follows.A girl is very attractive for me,for her image always appears in my mind,even when I am prepareing for the entrance examination of master degree.However,I dare not tell my feeling to her ,because I fear her refusal and I can't face up to that embarrassed situation.Therefore,liking her and keeping this secret to myself,I fall into unrequited love.If,one day ,someone can make me get rid of such plight,I will most appreciate his/her help.On the other hand,If the girl I miss can accept my love ,I will regard me as the happiest person in the world.Of course,there is an unbelievably low probability that the latter can come.

Zhao Dongzi, China
Lovesickness is a important to the younger people ,I think. It make them to feel no happy .Even across drinking ,muder itslse.It's a very thing .As a young man ,we should abilities to improved our the eleve of senior in our mind. there are four made up of imporvment . First of all ,is we often read some book about GOOD BOOK whick benefitful. second , when we have love with giri(boy), when you meet something unpleasant,you should firstly put your problem in perspective and try to smile to life rather than cry over spilt milk.In a word. Third , we can refer the dorctor .

Hugo, Colombia
Love hurts when is unrequited, but is highly motivating to feel deep love for other people or for humanity, we never get tired of this kind of love, on the contrary, It gives us more energy and a reason for living.The love that comes from a spiritual level will always be gratifying and will never become a disease.I've been love sick for God and all his virtues.

Josh, USA
I do believe that "lovesickness" is a state of mind that can lead one to engage in self-destructive behavior. One needs to remember that all of us have been there and the difference comes from your outlook on life. Even though things may seem hopeless you have to think that "this too will pass" and there is always something better just around the corner. But you need to put yourself out there and continue living your life although you may feel miserable inside. I have experienced it twice these past few years but it has made me stronger and given me a better understanding that my expectations were unrealistic by being interested in someone unattainable (not interested or in another relationship)and that this was tied to my own fear of commitment and relationships.

Merche - Spain
I do think that falling in love is really a sick. Who has never been in love? Who has never had hundreds of butterflies flying in his stomac? It´s very difficult run away from love and when it catch you, i think you must have a good time and forget the others, everyone can love and be loved too.

Sandesh Devkota, Kathmandu, Nepal
Lovesickness is a serious disease. I suffered with disease when I was twenty years old. I was in love with a girl , we both were very serious about the same but unfortunately my parents disagreed with the relationship. We had serious barriers. I used to think about here whole night without having any sleep. We spend many nights and days together crying . But sadly, my girl friend got marriage and our relationship could not continue. It took many years to heal up the wound created by this. Even after the marriage we used to meet secrecttly. But it was not possible to continue the relationship.Therefore I think it is a serious problem so we need to learn how to cope the situation.

Marco - Brazil
Can we really call this sickness as love? I think that passion is more appropriate.

Wow - Viet nam
I used to like lots of people but when I met him, I have known what love is but it seems so late. He had a wife-to-be and he always thinks that I am still a baby. I have never told him that I really love him 'coz I know that I can not do anything to keep him by my side. Forever, It's a one-way love and I am pleased with this. When I was tired or I had some problems in job or life, I thought of him and forgot all of sadness. I still believe that at somewhere, although we do not meet each other but he always wish me to be successful and happy. These make me stronger. That's all. Best wishes to your love, your family and your job, my darling....!

Vu Thi Kim Oanh- Viet Nam
I do think that lovesickness is not a desease because we can control it. I was once deeply hurt but time and friends hepled me overcome. I agree that being lovesick is very serious which can lead to depression or suicide attempt but to some extend it is just like our temperary state that can change if we do something.

Mariana, Mexico
Of course it is a sickness and could be so destructive in different levels. Many times I have asked myself why does it happen?, it could be for psycological reasons, lack of self steem, education, lack of love...I have felt it and it is a nightmare.Some men have felt that dor me and they have had some sort of obsession it is not nice belive me. Now that I'm older I have self control and balance in my emotional life. I have known many people with this sickness and they suffer so much, they should go to a therapy, and solve their own existence.

Alex - Brazil
i've already been lovesick. it's really hard and drives you crazy. but i think i was too imature to love and not self-confident at that moment, that's why i suffered so much. some time later, i realized i was just causing myself a lot of harm and suffocating the other person, it's when i decided to change my way of loving. and maybe that's why we've been together for almost 18 years.

it`s a pity when somebody find out that he /she is unable to love,while others can do it.Is there any psychological treatment which helps to make life a little more pleasant?

Thurein, Myanmar
According to our religious teachings , love has different forms appear among family members , between opposite sex and love of saint. As long as we are all not able to attain the truth ,we ' ll surely be suffering in the circle of love and death.

janet, china
Whether Love sickness is a disease or not, depend on the person himself. If he can control his mind and treat others with more consideration,he has good psychology, otherwise, according to health experts, lovesickness is a serious disease. I have never been love sick, as I got the true love and married, very happy. Yes, anyone ever been in love with me but I did not return their love, as I cherish the love and respect others. more simple life, more happy life.

Robert, Poland
I think that every humen can truly iive only in love. The amizing state of being in love has been given to us by God and as true creatures of the strongest person we should do our best to follow our mission. As for me, love means-giving good things to other person. Simple? But how true. I really apreciate people who can create such atmosphere in their relationship.

chitty, china
I don't think the lovesickness is a disease.There are many ups and downs in our life.We must study to face downs with smile.I have ever been lovesick.When I was suffering the lovesike,I thought there woulde not sunshine in my life.I woulde be live in the dark.I forgot there also have many beautyful things els.I learning that the smile is sunshine in the house.I should forger it.Now i'm Ok.I believe my ture love will come .

Tenzin, USA
Love sickness will cause you extreme loneliness and creates bad habits such as excessive drinking and smoking, and dangerous psychological mood. It make you feel the most unworthy person in the world. People say that Cultural Revolution in China which killed over 10 million Chinese people were started by Jiang Qing, the wife of Mao Ze Dong when her love to the former was not returned.

Bushra, Islamabad
True love is always first sight Love. If somebosy says i like him/her cause he or she is handosme, wealthy, good status, and exactly have a same package u want then this is no love. This is what we say "compatible". When u love someone u r care free about all these things and u accept ur partner with bad and good things. True Love is name of giving and forgivind without any expectations. It is not neccessary that if u like somebody then u must live with him all life. If God forbid something bad happened then one should try to have a big heart and let him/her go. I know its not easy rether it is very painful condition, but one must try to be happy in his/her partners happiness. We should have optamistic approach about this, and i m sure u wont feel love sickness then. Only prove that u r the superior most creature of God.

sahar ,Iran
yeah, i'm maong theones who have suffered lovesickness & i suffered the worst way . i went under much depression & got high mental & emotional exhaustion . i became complete inddiferent about everything ( yet i haven't become 100% normal inthis part although 3 years has passed) & i had lost my control upon mind , i lost my consentration & the ablility of thinking &my memory reduced so much even yet i'm suffering from my weak memory . i had become like a dead who just oculd eat & sleep . & thanks god . just only who wasbale to recue me , during those worst days he sent me my dedicated husband , we fell in love on 1 may 2002 & he sacrificed everything to return normal life to me .i'm deeply grateful to him .after almost treeyears yet i'm suffer formthose das ( wuch as what i have writen above ) but i now have really happy life with him. i always say him i'm luckiest one in the world

it is a real killer.. there's no medicine to treat it.. no physician can help it...

Peter, U.S.A.
When I was 17 a young woman of my age fell in love with me. We never spoke. She followed me everwhere. I was too shy to reciprocate her attentions and I feel very guilty about it. Twenty years later with a wife and small children I moved from Massachusetts. One hour after the moving truck arrive she appeared out of nowhere looking desperate and pained. She looked at me from the other side of the street and then walked away. I hope her life has gone well.

Renate, Germany
Have I ever been lovesick?? Of course, I have, who of us has not, that is the question. When I was lovesick, i was suffering like hell, but timer is a good healer and today I can laugh about my former problems. Yet i believe that lovesickness is a serious disease and poeple who haven't such a strong soul than I have are in real danger. Maybe not of dying but of getting depressions. I don't know how to help them, the best thing for me was always sports and work it kept my mind and boddy busy.

Elvira, Italy
I have never gone through a lovesicknes, but once a friend of mine fell in love with me. I wasn't able to return his love and I was very sorry for him because he felt bad and I couldn't help him in any way. I think that the person who suffers of lovesickness must be in a very terrible state.

Elyor, Uzbekistan
When did you first fall in love ?

Han Gye Soo. South Korea
If you're not a celibate, It's very natural that one go through a lovesickness. So It's not a disease but a good experience because one can grow in stature by overcoming a series of lovesickness. In my boyhood Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet were praised as a good model among Korean intellectual youth. By that time I also worshipped the Juliet but such an ideal love never came true to me. In my opinion if there is no love story in the world, Many artists may lose their job. In our country a novel, movie and a drama that deals with love affair make a great hit among the public. In Korea there were many sad love stories in the past. A number of lovers attempted a joint suicide with artner.The main reason was due to their parents didn't accept the proposal. Many parents demanded that thier children's marriage partner should be well qualified, for example a man/woman of good family, well educated, well-off, good looks and so on. The following accident is a good example. some years ago a doctor's wife who forced to carry a dowry by her husband jumped down to the ground from her 25 stories apartment with her one month baby. Her husband was an object of social contempt and her sad story hit the headlines. Nowdays time has been changed. Most Korean parents pay regard to their children's decision. It's very wonderful that one fall in love with someone but when you're disappointed in love never commit a suicide, Love is precious but life comes before everything else. thanks

Marcela, Brazil
I think lovesickness is a real disease. I believe some people are more vulnerable than others, and it can have catastrophic consequences. I broke up a long relationship last year and my ex is still obsessed with the idea that we should be together. I don't think he is weak; I think he needs a doctor.

Sarah, Pakistan
yeah now going through your topic u know what i am thinking, me too is also suffering from lovesickness. It was love at first sight. That guy chanded my life completely, but God really does have His own ways of doing things. He is now past but I am seariching him in all the people around me. Its been almost two years since his departure but whenever i start thinking about him i feel deep pain in my heart and my left hand. I am dis-orientated, sufferinf from insomia, cant memorized things properly (i had a good momory before this), and less social. My profession suffered the most. I cant concentrate on my profession and studies. And sometimes seriously i feel that i need some pshyciatrist.

Samaneh, Iran
i belive that unrequited love is really suffering i have exprienced it somehow but not completely. it was jast a temporary feeling for me and passed very soon because it was not real love, it was just a passion but i didn't know that. now i can recognize real love from temporary passion. real love is something that you can never forget it and it's very difficult to find a substitute for it.

Sara, Iran
i think lovesickness can be very dangreous.ithink it is very hard for one who is really fallen in love.i think thatit is worst ,when love is one-side.

Ranjan, Singapore
Of course,everyone feels a real lovesickness once in their lifetime and that's natural too.but if the love is not returned however much you've tried,there is no point in brooding over it.we can learn a lot from unrequited love and take this as an unpleasant experience in our lives or try to live with that.a proper conselling will resolve all these problems caused by lovesickness,i suppose.

Huang Jie , China
I dont agree to call that situation a"sickness".Life can be full of ups and downs,you cant expect to get everything you want from life.when you meet something unpleasant,you should firstly put your problem in perspective and try to smile to life rather than cry over spilt milk.In a word,to live happily in the world you need not only love but the courage to accept the fact when you lose the cant rely on doctors or drinking etc. to save you from the depression ,youve got to save yourself.Life is a test of your character,which makes you stronger and wiser.

Zhao Dongzi, China
IN my view of lovesickness . It's bad thing .'cause when you fallin love with someone and the boy don't love you .Then you maybe catch it . It lead to you psychology exhaust and insomnia. Even when somebody suicide. It's true that he or she is falling with girl or boy who in yuor heart is very hot weet & happy. I wish young people are happy every day . Thank you .

Kazu, Japan
In some cases, the emotion of love become strong enough and it changes into a selfish fantasy. The people who can't separate from their fantasy, they can't accept the truth which tells "losing love" to them. Love is going to change hard feelings, and it can be the strong desire to harm someone. In Japan, murder by "stalkers" are increasing.

Christian, Romania
This is a very subject. Love is an important thing, perhaps the most important. Falling in love is great, but you have to be strong. Loving someone who never returns his or her love… well, you are an unlucky guy. It is like loving a poster or a photo and you have a major problem. Probably you create your own world, but a false one….This is a disease… Remember: to love in nothing / to be loved is something / to love and to be loved is everything.

Nawal Thorat, India
yes, I think lovesickness does exist and I have expierence when I was in my teens; things slowly change as you grow up; but still can disturb a person if he hasn't got any other preoccupations; love at times can give a person a real boost and can be a turning point in one's life.I remember when I was in college a girl loved me but I hardly paid any attention to her; I was interested in somebody else; Its almost 12 yrs and now I think that was my real love; but thats life and one has to just move on and on; one need not run for love; true love can happen at any point of time.

Phuc, Vietnam
i love a woman. She is a widow. I am married. I love her loneliness'.

Fernanda Barwick
I think that when a person droped in love, it's a big danger, because this illness afected heart, mind and is imposible to control the compulsion.

Thalatha, SriLanka
my partner betrayed me. I couldn't receive his love and concern.But i rise up and achive my goals all by my self. Now i'm very please myself

Siavash, Iran
dear mr or ms in my opinion when two peiple fall in love its better after that behave in a kind way and dont behave in a way that makes them mad of each other . falling in love is a power that exist in human beings . love and sick loveness is not killer our behave when we are in love increase our emotions to the lover . when we are in live its better not behave in a way that our lover thinks we made for each other and must continue our relation ship ,eventhough when we want to end it for our reason yours sincerely

Elnara, Azerbaijan
I suffered from lovesickness. It was auful I didn't want to suicide but I was depressed, enptied and my only wish was to be loved but not to be in love! I had been praying for GOD take back this ability from me for days and nights.Now I succeeded it. but I don't feel sutisfied. Something which I can't understand isn't existing in my life. Itru to put myself together but I'm still looking forward to something incredible which perhaps happens in my love. Now I try to find even in negative things some pozitive signs. It helps me t be OK. You know I heard from the dctor how to pull yourself from the stress and depression, just find another one who feels worse and get him a help.Perhaps it'll work.

Qurban, Pakistan
Well, i am lovesick but not in due to unrequited love... I am sick due to our love... As it is not considered good in the society and especially my uncle is not happy... so he is running a campaign against me and my family. Bez he wants me to marry with his daughter... this is killing me and day by day i am getting lot more depression...

Hong KOng
I am now in lovesickness. My boyfriend is now on travelling. When I called him, he always said that he will call back me as he was eating, cheating with some body, etc. I think that he has another girl friend with her. I have never think that thing will be happened to me. He is not a bad guy but I dont know how to do. I sent some message to him that I knew he knew he was with another girl and I really want to do that but I can't control my self.

Zhangweiwei China
I think our soiety should pay more attention to those people who have this problem.Lovesickness is disease,it can hurt people not only the person who got it and also can hurt people around the sickness.I havn't fell in love with anyone and I don't know whether anyone has ever fell in love with me .

Paz from Spain
Lovesicknes has been the worst experience in my life

Juan Gonzalez, New Zealand
I was once in love with a very nice girl and she shared the love. The lovesickness began when we broke up entirely due to my own fault. We lost contact after that, but I thought about her every day for several years. After I got another girlfriend, I found out that she had been trying to get back together with me, but it was too late. I of course do not know how she felt about the whole thing, but a sense of guilt has followed me ever since and I fear that I will never get rid of it. Even though sometimes I wish that I could get back together with her, there is no way that I could break up with my fiancée, because I love her dearly as well, and there is no way that I could ever again let someone feel heartbreak because of me. After all, I know how it feels. The feeling of hopelessness is true because I felt it for many years. At the start of it I tried to take my own life, but a friend forced me (violently) not to do so, and for that I am very grateful. But for a long time I would have preferred death as being a better alternative to my worthless life, waking up every day with tears, and having no hope in what would happen in the future. Communication would have been great but obviously that is too late. Hell, what is someone supposed to do when they still love someone but they are together with someone else? I know if I broke up that it would break her heart. She is a lot more emotional than me, and I would consider myself more emotional than most people. If it got me so close to killing myself, what would it do to her? I would rather spend the rest of my life with an empty place in my heart, but at least I still have her love, and a purpose to live, than to let her suffer what I did for so many years.

S.K. from Japan
I have never experienced lovesickness because I'm not a passionate person. But I know one girl who broke up with her boyfriend and became very depressed. So I think that depends on people's character and personality.

Helen Maclean, Denmark
Why do I always fall in love with men who are not available, and run away from eligible men who fall in love with me? I think it is incredible that two people can actually get together and love each other - at the same time!!! Lovesickness is a real problem but it can be overcome - the worst cases I find take two years to get over...

Lisa Denmark
I have experienced lovesickness before, it hurts and I think it should be taken more seriously. A friend of my wanted to take his own life because, his girl friend had broken up. A guy once fell in love with me, but I couldnt return it and I felt very bad because of it.

Alessandro from Italy
I don't know if anyone ever been in love whth my, in any case my heart is open to anywomen.

Jose Roberto, Brazil
yes, it is a kind of illness, that only hurt the feeling of someone which is susceptible to it.Who never had that kind of illness, does not know the other side, that is the state of happiness of falling in love... The ones which have low self esteem when go through a problem like that can react tragically, as commiting suicide or what is worse, killing the ex-partner. So, I am happy that the times I got lovesickness I could be healed with another love. By

Lisa, Australia
I think lovesickness is real disease. When you fall in love with someone, you always want to know what is he/she doing? Does he/she do something bad for you? When you don't see him/her, you really get lovesickness and it almost can kill people. Someone is falling in love with me now and he always complains that I don't return his love.

Have you ever been lovesick?


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