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Words in the News - Archive 2002  
    31 December   Kofi Annan's plea for access to information  
    30 December   New president for Kenya  
    25 December   Silkworms help surgery  
    23 December   New diet for pandas  
    18 December   Women's rights in Afghanistan  
    16 December   Al Gore and the Democrats  
    11 December   Peace monitors arrive in Aceh  
    9 December   Iraqi weapons dossier  
    4 December   Tanker blacklist from Brussels  
    2 December   Russia and China joint declaration  
    27 November   East Timor militia leader found guilty  
    25 November   Miss World demonstrations
    20 November   UN launches global appeal  
    18 November   Weapons inspectors return to Iraq  
    13 November   Microsoft into India  
    11 November   Ethiopia famine warning  
    6 November   Football wages  
    4 November Turkish elections  
    30 October   Rural China health plan  
    28 October   First Rwandan genocide film openes in Kigali  
    23 October   Canadian wins the Booker Prize  
    21 October   Ireland Votes “Yes” to European enlargement  
    16 October   US police confirm 9th sniper victim  
    14 October   Bali bomb attack - Australians in shock  
    9 October   European Union enlargement  
    7 October   Super tanker oil slick  
    1 October   Smoking ban in Greece
    30 September   Sweden releases hijack suspect  
    25 September   UN Security Council and Iraq  
    23 September   German elections  
    18 September   Chinese poisoning  
    16 September   Ukraine protest  
    11 September How America has changed  
    9 September Palestinian MPs meet  
    4 September World Summit - the scientific agenda  
    2 September Win a job  
    28 August   Bhopal hearings will go ahead  
    26 August   World Summit - Johannesburg  
    21 August   Better rice, less global warming  
    19 August   Afghanistan's poppy production  
    14 August Global weather problems  
    12 August Grown in space  
    7 August Indian woman commits sati suicide  
    5 August Twins to be separated  
    31 July   FARC release three kidnapped men  
    29 July   Anti-gravity device could change air travel  
    24 July   President Mugabe criticises Western countries  
    22 July   California gets landmark green law  
    17 July   Saving Venice  
    15 July   Assassination attempt on French President  
    10 July   Asia Road Link  
    8 July   AIDS conference  
    3 July   Contour space mission  
    1 July   UN fights to save Bosnia mission  
    26 June   Russian land sales bill  
    24 June   Zimbabwean farmers  
    19 June   Round the world balloon trip  
    17 June   Watergate anniversary  
    12 June   Afghanistan’s loya jirga  
    10 June   New comic Superhero  
    5 June World Heart Federation obesity warning  
    3 June State of the British Monarchy  
    29 May   British Foreign Secretary in Pakistan  
    27 May   Ice reservoirs found on Mars  
    22 May   Quarter of mammals face extinction  
    20 May   Taiwanese boyband in China  
    15 May   NATO - Russia Council  
    13 May   Jimmy Carter visits Cuba  
    8 May   European immigration  
    6 May   Chirac's election victory  
    1 May Controversial Russian stamps  
    29 April Iran's reformists and conservatives  
    24 April   Global health fund  
    22 April   French election shock  
    17 April Vietnamese bike racers  
    15 April   Venezuelan President  
    10 April Iran oil  
    8 April Israel opinion poll  
    3 April Bleak outlook for the world's forests  
    1 April Prince Charles's tribute to The Queen Mother  
    27 March US backs major NATO expansion  
    25 March 74th Oscars ceremony  
    20 March WHO in fight against smoking  
    18 March North Korean defections  
    13 March United Nations calls for Palestinian state  
  11 March Attack on World Trade Centre remembered  
    6 March Indian novelist jailed  
  4 March Women and Islam conference  
    27 February Germany's biggest cash robbery  
    25 February Winter Olympics come to close amid controversy  
    20 February Cairo train fire  
    18 February Speight sentence commuted  
    13 February Milosevic trial - Belgrade's reaction  
    11 February Afghan defence minister visits Moscow  
    6 February British prime minister urges action on Africa  
    4 February People smuggler arrested  
    30 January State of the Union address
    28 January US criticises Yasser Arafat  
    23 January Rumsfeld defends treatment of prisoners  
    21 January Afghan Aid Conference  
    16 January Press Freedom in Malaysia  
    14 January Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers  
    9 January USA - War on Terrorism Phase Two  
    7 January Blair - India and Pakistan talks  
    2 January Euro Cash Launch  

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