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Words in the News - 2001


December 2001

26 December Radio's first 100 years
24 December Shoe bomber to appear in court
19 December International migration of Afghans
17 December Search continues for Osama Bin Laden
12 December

North Korea and the West

10 December

Cheap AIDS drugs for Nigeria

5 December Israel pulls out of conference
3 December Swiss army referendum

November 2001

28 November Russians and Americans open new pipeline
26 November Court helps victims of environmental disasters
21 November Cricket outrage in India
19 November Toilet summit in Singapore
14 November Northern Alliance takes Kabul
12 November Northern Alliance expected to push to Kabul
7 November Global Warming
5 November Hurricane Michelle hits Cuba

October 2001
31 October Colombia hands over alleged drugs lord to USA
29 October Milosevic before Tribunal again
24 October IRA: the mechanism of decommissioning
22 October Left-handedness linked to a better memory
17 October Mazar-I-Sharif
15 October Japan apologises to Korea
10 October Freed journalist tells of her Taleban ordeal
8 October US threatens more strikes on Afghanistan
3 October Berlusconi apologises
1 October Spanish minister visits North Africa

September 2001

26 September Australia set for new refugee laws
24 September Pope urges harmony between faiths
19 September European Commission counter-terrorism measures
17 September Russian troops on high alert
12 September America attacked
10 September Refugees go to Nauru
5 September Space Tourism
3 September Burmese General visits Thailand

August 2001

29 August Macedonian rebels surrender weapons
27 August Notting Hill Carnival
22 August Concorde: return to the skies?
20 August Russia: 10 years on from the coup
15 August Che Guevara's photographs
13 August Indonesian and Australian leaders meet
8 August Pressure over Japanese PM's visit to a shrine
6 August India asylum blaze
1 August Original music charity event

July 2001

30 July New President for Peru
25 July Sri Lanka airport attack
23 July Russia and the US to discuss 'star wars'
18 July India's reaction to the Agra summit
16 July Beijing wins Olympic bid
11 July Ivanisevic wins Wimbledon
9th July Macedonia - talks begin
4th July Bosnian Serbs face tribunal pressure
2nd July President Wahid fights impeachment

June 2001

27th June US under pressure over Kyoto agreement
25th June Preventing crop shortages
20th June Refugee crisis in Sri Lanka
18th June Former King wins Bulgarian elections
13th June President Bush visits NATO
11th June Britain's new Foreign Secretary
6th June Copying music from the internet
4th June Nepal in Crisis

 May 2001
30th May Echelon spy network
28th May South Africa Arms deal
23rd May Middle East diplomacy
21st May Cannes Film Festival - Palme d'Or Winner
16th May Silvio Berlusconi, wins Italian General Election
14th May AIDS Orphans in Africa
9th May UK General election announcement
7th May Pope John Paul II visits Damascus Mosque
2nd May Refugees in Afghanistan

 April 2001

30th April Anti-tobacco treaty
25th April Weapons for Taiwan
23rd April Climate summit
18th April Middle East tensions increase
16th April Child 'slave' ship missing
11th April England's law on contempt of court
9th April American spy plane: Bush writes
4th April Reactions to Milosevic arrest
2nd April America rejects climate treaty

 March 2001
29th March Nuclear waste protest in Germany
22nd March Brazilian oil platform sinks
15th March Zapatistas in Mexico City
8th March Protecting Kenya's forests
1st March The spread of foot and mouth disease

 February 2001
22nd February FBI agent arrested for spying
15th February Napster court ruling
8th February Israel: Ariel Sharon elected
1st February Earthquake hits India

 January 2001
25th January Regulating the internet
18th January Turning the desert green
11th January Depleted uranium shells
4th January An image of a mathematician

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