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Words in the News - 2000

 December 2000

28th December Pink flamingos arrive in Kenya
21st December Embryo research in Great Britain
14th December President Clinton in Ireland
7th December Turkish economic crisis

 November 2000
30th November Chinese concert against music piracy
23rd November World Climate Conference warning
16th November HIV genetic risk
9th November Dome diamond raid
2nd November English v French language in Quebec

 October 2000
26th October Flood education in Vietnam
19th October Disarray in Middle east
12th October Difficult way ahead for Yugoslavia
4th October John Lennon's killer to stay in jail

 September 2000
28th September Rush to buy Hong Kong rail shares
21st September UK gives Enigma machine to Poland
14th September Gulf oil cash bonus
7th September The fate of Burma's Aung Sun Suu Kyi

 August 2000
31st August Food scares
24th August Singapore's baby shortage
17th August Mobile phone technology
10th August Financial crisis at the International Atomic Energy Agency
3rd August Concorde, one week on.

 July 2000
27th July Seabirds: back from the edge of extinction
20th July Changes in global market economy
13th July Return to Srebrenica
6th July Oil production

 June 2000
29th June Mapping the human Genome
22nd June Easing of trade sanctions of North Korea
15th June Death of President Assad of Syria
8th June Illegal diamond trade
1st June Martial law in Fiji

 May 2000
25th May Israel withdraws from South Lebanon
18th May Japanese PM criticised for describing Japan as a divine country
11th May Genetic mapping of the Down's syndrome chromosome
4th May Return of Kohinoor diamond demanded

 April 2000

27th April Security breach at the US State Department
20th April Compromise reached on ivory trading
13th April Proposed Korean Summit
6th April Famine in Ethiopia

 March 2000
30th March Controversial new theory on how speech began
23rd March Russian Elections
16th March Flooding in Mozambique
9th March Combating piracy in the South Pacific
2nd March Many dead in Nigeria after violent clashes

 February 2000
24th February Mayon volcano
17th February Malaria vaccine intitiative
10th February Race riots in Spain

 January 2000
27th January Stockholm hosts Holocaust Forum
20th January Merger creates the world's largest drugs company.
13th January Capital punishment in the US
6th January What does this millennium hold?

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