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  Words in the News
  The World Trade Organisation discussed the implications for global trade as China prepares to take its place as a member of the organisation.
Rioting in Seattle

2nd December 1999

World Trade Organisation

  Audio Listen Mike Moore Director of the World Trade Organisation

While there may be 100,000 people protesting about Seattle and are angry there’s been 1,500,000,000 people that are trying to join this organisation. I think that says something… The principle is that a huge country like the United States, the most powerful, can go into a dispute with a small country like Costa Rica and Costa Rica can win. Isn’t this a civilised way of doing it? What you can do is bind yourself to the outcome and you don’t say one country, no matter how powerful, can determine what the other country does unless you treat them all equally. By Mike Moore, Director of the World Trade Organisation


protesting: to disagree or disapprove of something publicly

1,500,000,000: spoken as 'one and a half billion'

principle: a basic and essential truth

dispute: a disagreement

bind: say that you will accept the result

determine: control

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