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Words in the News
Monday 18 November 2002
Vocabulary from the news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

  UN headquarters in Baghdad
Weapons inspectors return to Iraq
Summary: An advance team of weapons inspectors has arrived in Baghdad for the first time in almost four years. Hans Blix, the chief weapons inspector and his counterpart at the International Atomic Energy Authority, Mohammed El-Baradei, are due to hold talks with Iraqi officials and prepare for full-scale searches later in the month. This report from Caroline Hawley.
The News Listen  
  Iraqi officials are promising full cooperation as the inspectors return with unprecedented powers. The terms of their new mandate were hard for Iraq to accept, but it had no choice to spare the country war. The main headlines in the Iraqi newspapers ignore the inspectors' return, but editorials urge the UN to be independent and impartial. The inspections will be the most intrusive the UN has ever conducted, anywhere. Nowhere will be off limits, even Saddam Hussein's own palaces. But Iraq insists it has nothing to hide. The task of the inspectors now is to uncover the truth. They've spoken of hundreds of sites they want to visit. First they'll be making the logistical preparations to enable the searches to start in less than ten days' time.

Caroline Hawley, BBC, Baghdad.

The Words Listen
  promising full cooperation
saying they will willingly do everything they are asked to do

here, people who will examine places in which there may be weapons

  unprecedented powers
they have never before had such wide legal rights

the authority to carry out a task

a newspaper article which gives the opinion of the editor or publisher

able to act fairly

if something is intrusive it disturbs you in an unwelcome way

  off limits
if a place is off limits, you are not allowed to go there

somewhere which is used for a particular purpose

  logistical preparations
preparations for transport, supplies and maintenance

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