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Words in the News
Wednesday 16 October 2002
Vocabulary from the news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

  FBI agents examine one of the murder scenes
American Police Confirm Ninth Sniper Victim
Summary: Police in America have confirmed that a woman who was shot on Monday night outside a hardware store near Washington was a victim of the serial killer who has murdered eight other people in the last two weeks. The police say they have picked up useful evidence from the scene. This report from Justin Webb.
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  The latest victim was 47-year-old Linda Franklin. She'd been loading packages into her car in the parking area of a shopping centre. Her husband was standing beside her. She was killed with one shot.

Mrs Franklin worked for the FBI, though there's no suggestion that she was targeted because of her job. It appears that she was selected, like the other victims, at random from those going about their business in a public place.

Police held their now familiar press briefing this morning, giving more details of the attack, but there was one difference. This time, the killer appeared to have been much more reckless about being seen.

An escape vehicle may have been spotted by witnesses and, according to Tom Manger of the local police, other useful evidence was also recovered at the scene.

"These investigations take time, they take patience. We are working through that process as quickly as we can. There was some additional information that we were able to get from last night's case and I am confident that ultimately that information is going to lead us to an arrest in this case."

There is a public confidence as well that the sniper will be captured but, before he is, a widespread fear that there could be more victims.

The Words Listen
  latest victim
here, the person most recently killed

  the FBI
Federal Bureau of Investigation. In the United Sates, the FBI is the police department, controlled by the central government, which investigates crimes where a national law is broken or where the country’s security is threatened

  was targeted
here, was chosen as a target

  at random
if something is done at random, it is done without a definite plan or pattern

  going about their business
doing what they normally do

careless; if you are reckless, you do not care about danger or the results of your actions


  evidence was recovered at the scene
evidence was found at the place where the crime took place

someone who shoots at people from a hidden position

  a widespread fear
many people are afraid; if something is widespread, it happens over a large area and affects many people

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