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Words in the News
Wednesday 25 September 2002
Vocabulary from the news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

UN Security Council and Iraq
Summary: UN Security Council diplomats say that they expect a preliminary new resolution on Iraq to come from Washington in the next few days. But nobody knows how firmly expressed the resolution will be. This report from Greg Barrow:
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  The wheels of diplomacy at the UN are slowly grinding towards the introduction of a new resolution on Iraq. London and Washington have been consulting closely on its content. Diplomats now say it's most likely that the United States will table the draft in the next few days.

It may have arrived sooner if Security Council diplomats had not been distracted by the offers from the Iraqi government to give UN weapons inspectors unconditional access across the country.

Mixed messages from the Iraqis about what unconditional access actually means have only served to confuse matters further and may have prompted an internal debate in Washington between the hawks and doves within the Bush administration over exactly how robust the new resolution should be.

The overall effect has been to delay the progress of the resolutions through the council.

Greg Barrow, BBC.

The Words Listen
  the wheels of diplomacy
diplomatic efforts


formal proposed plan of action which will be voted on

formally ask for a proposal to be discussed at a meeting

an early version

  unconditional access
the right to go into and see something without conditions or restrictions

  mixed messages
different responses (from different people)

caused people to decide

  hawks and doves
the aggressive and moderate members, respectively, of any group

firmly expressed

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