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Learning English
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Words in the News
Monday 02 September 2002
Vocabulary from the news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

  Asia Television
Win a Job
Summary: At a time when Hong Kong is suffering from record levels of unemployment, a new TV game show called 'Win A Job' is looking for contestants. This report from Damian Grammaticas.
The News Listen  
  Hong Kong's newest television programme will be part game show, part reality television. The prize for the lucky winner won't be a car, or even cash, it'll be a job, anything from a post as a hairstylist to a waiter or a dimsum chef. Asia Television says unemployment, at almost eight percent is so high in the territory, that it wants to provide genuine help to those out of work and looking for jobs. Each week a single vacancy will be advertised. Contestants must send in applications, and attend interviews. A shortlist of three will compete in front of a studio audience who will vote for the winner. The prospective employer can then hire or reject their choice.

Asia Television said it was mere coincidence that it's show resembles a programme already being aired in Argentina. But there are similarities. And while Hong Kong's economic problems aren't yet as bad as Argentina's, there are real concerns about the unprecedented numbers out of work and struggling to find new jobs.

The Words Listen
  game show
a game or a quiz on TV

  reality television
TV entertainment about real people in real-life situations

A kind of snack food popular in Hong Kong

  the territory
here, Hong Kong

a vacancy is a job which hasn’t been taken yet

a prospective employer is looking for someone to do a job

if you hire someone you give them a job

  mere coincidence
something which is mere coincidence happens at the same time simply by chance

shown on TV

if something is unprecedented, it has never happened before

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