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Words in the News
Wednesday 31 July 2002
Vocabulary from the news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

FARC release three kidnapped men
Summary: Three kidnapped men were released today by the “FARC”, or revolutionary armed forces of Colombia. They were released without ransom. This report from Jeremy Mc Dermott
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  In an unusual gesture, FARC guerrillas handed over, without the payment of a ransom, Frenchmen Pierre Galipon, and two Canadians, Gilles Pregent and Jay Riddell, to members of the International Red Cross and diplomats from the two countries.

The three had fallen into guerrilla hands in April when they were forced by bad weather to land the helicopter they were travelling in. Unluckily for them, they landed in guerrilla-dominated southern Colombia and were intercepted by rebels before they had a chance to take off again.

In what the FARC termed a humanitarian gesture and observers described as public relations, the three were handed over without ransom.

Jeremy Mc Dermott, BBC, Bogota

The Words Listen
something you do or say to express your attitude or intentions

soldiers in an unofficial army

  handed over
if you hand over something then you give it to someone else

money paid to kidnappers for the safe return of a kidnapped person

government officials

  fallen into
here, accidently becoming involved in a situation

people who fight against their own country’s army

  public relations
part of an organisation’s work that is concerned with obtaining the public’s approval for what it does

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