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Words in the News
Wednesday 29 May 2002
Vocabulary from the news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

  Jack Straw
British Foreign Secretary in Pakistan
Summary: The British foreign secretary, Jack Straw, held talks on 28th May in Pakistan with President Musharraf about the dispute with India.This report from Mike Wooldridge.
The News Listen  
  Mr Straw would not go into detail about what signals he received from President Musharraf of any willingness to take steps that could help to avert war.

But it appeared that the discussions had focussed heavily on the concerns about terrorist actions in India, that Delhi claims are carried out by groups based in Pakistan.

President Musharraf gave a fresh pledge on the eve of Mr Straw's visit that Pakistan would not allow its territory to be used for terrorism in India or anywhere else. He also insisted that infiltration across the border had stopped.

Mr Straw told a news conference this would be judged by what happened on the ground, but he believed President Musharraf was now clear about the international community's expectations on clamping down on cross-border terrorism in particular.

They discussed the importance of India and Pakistan resuming a dialogue. But this, Mr Straw said, could only be a matter for the two countries.

Mr Straw said he told President Musharraf of his regret that Pakistan today carried out a third ballistic missile test in four days, and tried to impress on him how bad this looked outside Pakistan.

The Words Listen
prevent, stop

  gave a fresh pledge
promised again; a pledge is a solemn promise or agreement

  on the eve of
on the day before

  infiltration across the border
infiltration is when people enter the country secretly

  what happened on the ground
what actually happens

  clamping down on
if you clamp down on something, you try to stop it or control it

  cross-border terrorism
terrorism carried out when one side crosses the border from their country to another

  be a matter for the two countries
be something for the two countries to decide

  ballistic missile
a missile that is guided automatically in the first part of its flight, but which falls freely when it gets near its target

  impress on him
make him understand

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