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Learning English
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Words in the News
Monday 13 May 2002
Vocabulary from the news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

  Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter visits Cuba
Summary: Former US President Jimmy Carter has begun a five day visit to Cuba. This report from Daniel Schweimler:
The News Listen  
  The US and Cuban national anthems were played back to back; the two flags flew side by side. That's something that has only happened rarely in the forty-three years since President Fidel Castro came to power. The two countries broke relations shortly afterwards, and remain bitter enemies. Jimmy Carter did try to improve relations while he was president and achieved limited success. Now, more than twenty years later, he's trying again. President Castro, wearing a dark suit, said his guest could talk to whoever he liked, even dissidents on the island. The Cuban authorities rarely even acknowledge their existence, so those comments will be welcomed by the Bush administration in Washington, as well as the large Cuban exile community in Miami. Jimmy Carter thanked Fidel Castro for his invitation to Cuba. He's got a busy five days ahead of him, but is perhaps the best qualified person for many years to at least begin trying to solve a long standing and bitter dispute.

Daniel Schweimler, BBC News, Havana.

The Words Listen
  back to back
one after the other

relations are the way countries behave to each other and the contacts they maintain

  achieved limited success
he managed to do some of the things he wanted to do

a dissident is someone who criticises their government or organisation

  acknowledge their existence
here, say in public that there are dissidents

exiles are people who no longer live in their own country, usually for political reasons

  He's got a busy five days ahead of him
he will be busy over the next five days

if you are qualified to do something you have the necessary qualities, skills or knowledge

  long standing
something which has lasted for a long time

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