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Words in the News
Monday 15 April 2002
Vocabulary from the news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

  President Hugo Chavez
Venezuelan President
Summary: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has been returned to power by junior army officers. He was briefly removed from power by the military during a strike in the oil industry.
This report from Adam Easton:
The News Listen  
  Oil managers said Mr Chavez's decision to accept the resignations of the company's board of directors was a platform for normalising relations. The appointment of Mr Chavez's supporters to the board sparked four days of turmoil which ended in the deaths of more than forty people.

Mr Chavez's return caused widespread celebrations among his supporters. But many people have said they are concerned about a possible government crackdown against the Venezuelan leader's opponents. The celebrations have been marred by a second day of looting of shops and supermarkets in the capital, Caracas. So far, Mr Chavez has called for conciliation.

Pedro Carmona, who was installed by military leaders as interim president for forty-eight hours, was still in custody however, while the authorities decided whether to bring charges against him. Interior minister Ramon Rodrigues Chacin took a harder line. He warned that the coup leaders would have to take responsibility for bringing the country to the brink of civil war.

The Words Listen
  a platform
a starting point, a basis for discussion

directly caused, but probably not deliberately

a state of disorder and confusion

strong action by government, the military or police to punish people who break laws


stealing from shops during a riot or other disturbance

the process of ending a disagreement and making peace

  interim president
a temporary president who is in office for a short time until a permanent one is found

  in custody
if someone is in custody they have been arrested and are being kept in prison until they can be tried

  the brink
if a country is on the brink of war it is very near to war

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