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Learning English
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Words in the News
Monday 25 March 2002
Vocabulary from the news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

74th Oscars Ceremony
Summary: The biggest event of the film industry’s year, the 74th annual Oscars, has been a triumph for African American actors, with Denzel Washington winning best actor for his role in “Training Day” and Halle Berry winning best actress for “Monsters Ball”. This report from David Willis.
The News Listen  
  It was an historic moment for black acting. Never before has an African American woman won the best actress award and as she accepted the Oscar, Halle Berry was overcome with emotion. She said her recognition had opened the door for, as she put it, every nameless, faceless woman of colour.

Denzel Washington beat one-time favourite Russell Crowe to the best actor Oscar and the last African American to win that trophy, Sidney Poitier, was presented with a lifetime achievement award. It's more than forty years since he was honoured for "Lilies of the Field".

"Lord of the Rings" picked up four technical awards. "A Beautiful Mind" also won four Oscars but in more high-profile categories such as best film and best director. But the seventy-fourth Academy Awards will be remembered as the night Oscar belatedly honoured black talent.

David Willis, BBC, Los Angeles

The Words Listen
  an historic moment
an important moment in the history of the film industry

  overcome with emotion
deeply moved, greatly affected by something

the act of formally acknowledging and showing appreciation of someone’s achievements

  opened the door
helped to create more opportunities for others in a similar position

  every nameless, faceless woman of colour
all non-white actresses who are not well-known

  one-time favourite
the person who was once expected to win a competition

  a lifetime achievement award
an award showing recognition of someone’s work throughout their life

  was honoured
was given an award and public praise

much talked about

if something happens belatedly, it’s overdue and happens later than expected


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