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Learning English
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Words in the News
Monday 24 December 2001
Vocabulary from the news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

  shoe bomber
Shoe bomber to be charged
Summary: The man who was restrained on a transatlantic flight on Sunday after apparently trying to blow up explosives hidden in his shoes is due to appear in court in the United States later today.
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  The man identified by the British passport he was carrying as twenty-eight-year-old Richard Reid will appear before a federal court later today. He's charged with interfering with the performance of a flight crew by assault or intimidation. The maximum sentence is twenty years in jail. The FBI has published an affidavit which describes how a flight attendant first smelled smoke from a match. When she identified Reid, he hid the match in his mouth. After raising the alarm, she then saw him trying to light one of his training shoes and saw a wire coming out of it. The FBI hasn't said whether they believe the man was acting alone or as part of a wider group. French authorities are examining why the man was allowed to fly with a one-way ticket and no baggage, and after being stopped and questioned as he tried to board a flight the previous day.

Mike Fox, BBC, Washington

The Words Listen
if something identifies you it makes it possible for people to recognise you

  appear before
when someone appears before a court they go there to answer charges

  charged with
formally accused of having committed a crime

the punishment a person receives in a law court after they have been found guilty

a written statement in which you swear that what you say is true

  raising the alarm...
warning people of danger

  saw him trying to light
saw that he was attempting to set fire to

  acting alone
not doing this with other people

  after being stopped
after the authorities had prevented him from getting on the plane

  the previous day
here, Saturday

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