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Words in the News
Monday 12 November 2001
Vocabulary from the news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

Northern Alliance poised to push towards Kabul
Summary: Northern Alliance forces are expected to launch a front line push towards the outskirts of Kabul. This report from Kate Clark.
The News Listen  
  Hundreds of fresh Northern Alliance troops carrying Kalashnikov rifles and rocket launchers have filed down to this part of the front line alone. Some with grey beards have been fighting for most of the last twenty years. A few are merely boys. All are here for the Alliance push towards Kabul. American jets have made two sorties; bombing Taleban front line positions, trying to weaken them ahead of the Northern Alliance push. And the alliance have been firing rocket after rocket, producing lines of ground shuddering explosions just a few hundred metres away. There's been some Taleban return of fire, but also some defections. From Kohi Safia, to the east of here and Falizlai to the west. There's still few in numbers. No-one is expecting the push towards Kabul.
The Words Listen

guns with long barrels

  rocket launchers
a machine that can be used by soldiers for flying rockets

  filed down
moved one behind the other in an orderly way

  front line
the place where two armies are fighting each other

a military advance

if a military force makes a sortie, it makes an attack or raid by leaving its own position and going briefly into an enemy area

a missile that contains explosives that is powered by gas

suddent, violent bursts of energy caused by a bomb

  return of fire
if a soldier returns fire, they shoot at someone who has already begun firing at them

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