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  Words in the News
  Talks between Albanian and Macedonian politicians are due to begin in Skopje today. Paul Anderson reports on the difficulties the participants face in reaching an agreement.
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Slobodan Milosevic

9th July 2001

Macedonia - talks begin

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Senior Albanian politicians haven't rejected outright the new set of proposals they and their Macedonian counterparts will be discussing today. But they've raised serious objections, removing any hope of a speedy breakthrough. One leader said the framework document would not stop the war.

Another said the proposals it contains were unacceptable and the Albanians couldn't be held accountable for the repercussions. He said the document failed to meet Albanian demands for greater official use of their language, better state higher education for their community and more legislative power.

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rejected: if you reject a proposal you refuse to agree to it

outright: completely and totally

counterparts:Macedonian politicians carrying out similar jobs

an important development or achievement

framework document:
an outline - the main points - of what has been agreed

accountable: responsible

repercussions: the effects of an event - which happen some time afterwards

legislative: related to the process of making and passing laws

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    The document hasn't been made public yet, and there's been no official response to it or the Albanian statements from the Macedonian side. The Macedonians however have reported several albeit minor infringements of the ceasefire which came into force last Thursday.

That and progress at the political talks are the key conditions for the deployment of a force of around three thousand soldiers drawn from NATO, which would oversee the disarming of the rebels.
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made public: if something is made public it is made known to everyone and so is no longer secret

albeit: although, even though

infringements: the breaking of an agreement or law

ceasefire: an agreement between countries or groups who are at war to stop fighting for a time

came into force: started to be obeyed

deployment: the organisation and preparation of troops so they are ready for immediate action

oversee: to make sure it is done properly

taking away weapons

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