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  Words in the News
  The President of Indonesia, Abdurrahman Wahid, has again threatened to call early elections if parliament goes ahead with plans to impeach him next month over allegations of corruption and incompetence. Richard Galpin reported on the latest developments:
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President Wahid

2nd July 2001

Indonesian president fights impeachment

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President Wahid, who was speaking at a seminar in the palace, said he was very disappointed that so far, all attempts to reach a compromise with parliament had failed, and he again warned he could impose a state of emergency and call early elections to prevent MPs from acting, as he believes, illegally. He said by trying to topple him, they were threatening to plunge the country into turmoil, even jeopardising national unity. Mr Wahid knows time is running out for him. The special impeachment hearing of the upper house of parliament is due to begin on August 1st.

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a seminar - a meeting where a group of people discuss a problem or a topic

to reach a compromise - to come to an agreement with another person or group in which you both give up something that you originally wanted

a state of emergency - if a government or minister declares a state of emergency it gives itself or him/her much stronger powers than usual

to topple - to cause a leader or government to lose power

to plungeā€¦into turmoil - to cause someone or something to be in a state of confusion and disorder

jeopardising - putting something in danger

time is running out - there is little time left to resolve a situation

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    Unless he can strike a deal with the major political parties before then, he will almost certainly be voted out of office, less than two years after being elected. So far, his political opponents seem determined to press ahead with the impeachment session, and ensure the vice-president, Megawati Sukarnoputri, takes over. Besides compromise, Mr Wahid has few other options to save his presidency. He does not have sufficient support in the police and military to impose a state of emergency -- a point emphasised on Monday when the national police chief, whom Mr Wahid wishes to replace, rejected an offer to become ambassador to Malaysia, having already refused to step down.
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strike a deal to come to an agreement

voted out of office not elected again

to press ahead with to continue doing something in difficult circumstances

impeachment trial of a public official for a serious crime committed in office

has few other options doesn't have many other choices

to impose to force someone to accept something

to step down to resign from an important job or position

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