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 Words in the News
 Millions of people around the world have used the music sharing internet service Napster to exchange music without paying royalties. Now a US court has maintained an injunction against Napster saying it may be held liable for copyright infringement. But Napster says it will fight the decision.
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15th February 2001

Napster court ruling

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   Woman one: "I would miss it terribly. I use it all the time. It'll be a bad thing."

Woman two
:" I think I have about eight hundred songs on my computer. So it comprises most of the memory on my computer."

Hilary Rosen, of the Recording Industry Association of America
: "American intellectual property is our nation's greatest trade asset. We cannot stand idly by as our nation's assets are in jeopardy or dismissed."
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comprises: if an organisation or body comprises a number of people or things, it has them as its members or its parts

intellectual property: in this case intellectual property refers to the ideas and inventions that have potential monetary value

trade asset: a company's trade assets are all the things it owns which could be sold for money

stand idly by: to stand idly by is to ignore the consequences of a particular action, or to do nothing

jeopardy: if something or someone is said to be in jeopardy they are in a dangerous situation, where something bad might happen to them

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   Rupert Goodwins, computer consultant: "People desperately want to swap music; Napster's shown that. The technology's there to make it happen; Napster's shown that too. So something like Napster will spring up from the ashes. There is no way that this genie can be put back in this particular bottle."
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swap: when you swap something with someone, you give it to them and receive something else in return

to make it happen: if we make something happen we succeed in a particular activity, we can do it

spring up from the ashes: something that springs up from the ashes is something that continues to exist after seemingly being destroyed.

genie: a magical being, often living in a bottle, that obeys the orders of the person owning it. The person who releases the genie from the bottle is granted a number of wishes

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