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 Words in the News
  Israel's Prime-Minister elect, Ariel Sharon, has repeated his determination not to divide Jerusalem. But Mr Sharon also says he wants to bring stability to the Middle East. The BBC's Middle East correspondent Paul Adams reports from Jerusalem.
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Ariel Sharon

8th February 2001

Israel: Ariel Sharon elected

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   Ariel Sharon made two pilgrimages today (7th February): the first, to the grave of his wife, who died last year, and the second to Jerusalem's Wailing Wall. Other victorious prime ministerial candidates have made symbolic visits to the wall but this was an opportunity for the right-wing leader to reaffirm his hardline position on the future of the city.

Jerusalem, he said, was united and indivisible for all eternity. Israelis will remember that the outgoing Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, said similar things before being elected in 1999.

pilgrimages: a pilgrimage is a journey made to a holy or special place

victorious prime ministerial candidates: other politicians who have been elected as Prime Minister

reaffirm: if you reaffirm something, you state it again

hardline position: if someone takes a hard line on something they have a firm policy which they refuse to change

united and indivisible: united means that all parts are joined together, indivisible that they cannot be divided

outgoing: departing - Mr Barak is leaving his post as Prime Minister

before being elected: before he was elected

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   One of Mr Barak's legacies is that more Israelis now know that an eventual peace agreement with the Palestinians will have to involve a deal on Jerusalem. It's likely to be some time before serious negotiations resume. Mr Sharon has a government to form and forty-five days in which to do it.

In the meantime, he's sending a team of senior advisers to Washington to outline his vision of peace to the new Bush Administration. Mr Sharon knows that the international community is watching his every move. For the time being, at least, caution is likely to be his watchword.

legacies: they know this as a result of Mr Barak's time as Prime Minister

eventual peace agreement: a formal decision about peace, coming at the end of a process

involve a deal: part of the agreement will be an arrangement about Jerusalem

before serious negotiations resume: before discussions in which both sides are fully involved start again

vision of peace: if you have a vision of something, you have a mental picture of how things might be different

his every move: everything he says and does

caution is likely to be his watchword: a watchword is a word or phrase that sums up the way a particular group of people think or behave

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