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 Words in the News
  President Clinton, during his final visit to Ireland as president, urged everyone involved in the peace process not to give up.
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Clinton in Ireland

14th December 2000

President Clinton in Ireland

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  As extraordinary as Ireland's efforts are in exporting peace and peacekeepers to troubled areas all around the world, I can tell you nothing, nothing will compare to the gift Ireland gives the world if you make peace here permanent. You can give people all over the world desperately needed hope and proof that peace can prevail. That the past is history, not destiny. That is what I came to ask you to redouble you efforts to do.

exporting peace and peacekeepers: many people from Ireland serve in humanitarian agencies or peace keeping forces

troubled areas: countries where there are civil wars or other unrest

permanent: lasting for ever

proof that peace can prevail: overcome violence permanently

history, not destiny: the past is over and finished: it can not determine what will happen in the future

redouble your efforts: try twice as hard

NEWS 2   Audio Listen to Brian Cowan, the Irish Foreign Minister
  I think we are losing one of the most consummate politicians we've seen in a long time. I think that's recognised by both his supporters in domestic American opinion ... and certainly his role in the Irish peace process has been unique. He took on a pretty high risk policy but one that has proven, I think, to have broken the log jam in many respects. He has also indicated that he is available in whatever capacity to be helpful and I think that is full testimony to the genuineness of his interest and concern about this issue generally.

consummate: extremely skillful

domestic: within the United States

peace process: a process is a series of actions which have a particular result - here, to lead to peace

unique: if something is unique it is the only one of its kind

high risk policy: a policy is a set of plans used when deciding something: high risk means that it could succeed well or fail badly

broken the log jam: changed a situation where previously people were unable to agree

testimony: evidence or proof

   Read about the background to President Clinton's visit to Northern Ireland and on the end to a Loyalist feud in BBC News Online

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