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 Words in the News
  After the success of the Yugoslav 'People's Revolution' in overthrowing Slobodan Milosevic, BBC News correspondent Paul Wood reported on the difficulties now facing the new leader, Vojislav Kostunica.
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Vojislav Kostunica

12th October 2000

Difficult way ahead for Yugoslavia

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  The post of Yugoslav President is largely a ceremonial one, and Vojislav Kostunica is struggling to turn the revolution on the streets which swept him to power into effective democratic government. Many powers are held at the Serbian Republic level, and the task of forming a new Serbian government is therefore urgent. Not least to gain full control of the police and the security services, who've been fighting a rear guard action to maintain the power and privileges they were granted under Slobodan Milosevic.
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ceremonial - a ceremonial position is one that has no real political power

struggling - if you are finding something very difficult you are struggling

urgent - something that's very important is urgent

fighting a rear guard action - if your position is lost and you cannot win but you continue to fight this is called a rear guard action

privileges - extra benefits that you receive which are not available for everybody are privileges

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  One senior opposition figure told me there are also worries about sections of the army. The opposition believe that while the police have ended their taping and surveillance of them, army intelligence is continuing these activities. The other unresolved Yugoslav territorial dispute is Kosovo. The senior opposition leader Zoran Djindjic is predicting that Yugoslav police and troops will be back there by the end of next year. Remarks likely to send the ethnic Albanian leadership in Kosovo into a fury.
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opposition figure - an opposition figure is a member of a political party which is against the government

surveillance - if you are being followed or watched by an organisation like the police then you are under surveillance

unresolved - if a problem is not fixed it is unresolved

territorial dispute - an argument about who owns a piece of land

Remarks - comments that people make are remarks

a fury - if you are very angry you are in a fury

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