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 Words in the News
  Two reports from opposite sides of the world showed how the food we eat can be dangerous to our health.
Milk products

31st August 2000

Food scares

 Audio Listen to Corinne Podger in the UK
  The new research, published by the National Academy of Sciences, provoked fears that other animals, such as pigs and poultry, may carry BSE while appearing healthy. The lead scientist on the new research, Professor John Collinge, is a member of the British government's BSE advisory council. He says the findings suggest more spot checks on apparently healthy animals destined for human consumption may be needed, to ensure they aren't silently carrying the disease. But food safety experts in Britain say there's no evidence to suggest this is the case, and say existing controls on animal feed and slaughter provide adequate protection to consumers.
  AudioListen to the words

provoked fears - made people worried

poultry - birds such as chickens and ducks are called poultry

BSE - Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy - disease found in some animals which can be passes to people. More commonly called 'Mad Cow's Disease'

advisory council - organisation for giving advice

findings - the results of an investigation are called the findings

spot checks - unexpected inspections

apparently healthy - seem or look to be well

destined for human consumption - to be used as food for people

slaughter - killing of animals

NEWS 2  Audio Listen to Charles Scanlon in Japan
  Ever since the contaminated milk poisoned nearly fifteen-thousand people in June, Japan has been in the grip of a food scare. The number of products recalled from the shops has reached record proportions, with angry consumers reporting everything from dead flies in tomato juice to a lizard in a bag of potato chips. The authorities have promised tough action to restore public confidence.
  AudioListen to the words

contaminated - if something has been made dirty, unclean or poisonous, it has been contaminated

in the grip of - dominated by, very worried about

recalled - if a product is recalled then the company that makes it asks people who have bought it to return that product to the shops.

has reached record proportions - has become bigger than ever before

lizard - a kind of animal, reptile, like a snake with legs

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