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 Words in the News
  Over 50 years ago the U.S.A imposed economic sanctions on North Korea after it invaded South Korea. Both are now working towards reconcilation and the US has eased the sanctions. BBC Correspondent Rob Watson reported.
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Unloading Coca Cola in North Korea

22nd June 2000

U.S.A easing sanctions on North Korea

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  After fifty years , the sanctions have now been eased. The decision permits most exports to, and imports from, North Korea to resume. It also means the establishing of direct flights between the US and North Korea. But not all restrictions have been lifted. There will still be a ban on military exports and so-called dual purpose technology with potential military applications. The US says it will also continue to oppose loans to North Korea from global financial institutions, because of what Washington sees as the North’s continued support of terrorism.

sanctions: if you impose sanctions on a country you take meaures to isolate it from the international community. This is usually done if it is decided that the country has broken a law or agreement.

eased: when sanctions are eased, they are made less severe or difficult

exports: goods that are sold to other countries

imports: goods that are bought into a country

resume: if you resume somthing you begin it again

Washington: referring to Washington D.C., the capital of the U.S.A., but here meaning the US government

terrorism: the use of violence in the pursuit of political goals

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   Although the Clinton administration insists the intention to ease sanctions was long planned, there’s no doubt last week’s summit between the two Koreas, helped. The US cautiously welcomed the summit as a good first step, but made it clear it still sees North Korea as a potential military threat, and has ruled out the early withdrawal of US forces from the South. But the easing of sanctions is consistent with US policy, aimed at encouraging North Korea out of its isolation.

summit: a meeting between the leaders of different countries to discuss important matters

ruled out: rejected

consistent: if two facts or ideas are consistent they do not contradict each other.

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