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 Words in the News
  At the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species held in Nairobi African nations agreed a compromise deal on the trade in ivory. The BBC's East Africa correspondent Cathy Jenkins reported.
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20th April 2000

Compromise reached in ivory trading

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  After days of behind the scenes discussions the compromise deal was announced just as CITES delegates were about to start their debate on ivory. The four Southern African countries which had been calling for a limited trade in elephant tusks said that they had agreed to withdraw their request at least until the next CITES meeting in two years time, and until an efficient system is in place to monitor any illegal killings of elephants. The four countries - South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia - made clear that they continue to believe that limited trade in stockpiled, taken from culling or from animals which have died naturally, is the way forward, but that they are prepared to wait.

behind the scenes: if something is done behind the scenes, it is done so that the general public is not aware of it

calling for:
demanding that something happens

an acronym for Convention On Trade In Endangered Species

ivory: the substance which forms the tusks of elephants. It is valuable, and is often used to make ornaments

tusks: the tusks of an elephant, wild boar, or walrus are its two very long, curved, pointed teeth

withdraw: take back

in place: established

stockpiled: large quantities of something stored up for future use

to cull a group of animals means to kill some of them in order to reduce their numbers

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  The South African delegation said that a one-off sale of ivory which was allowed by the last CITES meeting had not led to an increase in poaching, but it was ready to listen to Kenya’s plea that all trade should be stopped until everyone was happy with the monitoring. Kenya and India had adamantly opposed any opening up of the ivory trade. The compromise deal was welcomed by campaign groups, which said that it gave them much needed time to assess elephant populations, and levels of poaching throughout Africa.

one-off: an informal word meaning something that happens or is made only once

poaching: catching animals illegally on someone else's property

plea: an intense, emotional request for something

adamantly: stubbornly

assess: to consider a situation and make a judgement about it

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