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Business Words in the News - 2001

December 2001

28th December Pre-euro monetary unions
21st December Argentina's economic troubles
14th December China joins WTO
7th December IMF blocks loan to Argentina

November 2001

30th November The collapse of Enron
23rd November The price of oil
16th November IMF predicts global slowdown
9th November World Trade Organisation meet in Doha
2nd November dot-com disaster

October 2001

26th October Britain: is entry to the euro inevitable?
19th October The German economy
12th October Eurozone leaves interest rates unchanged
5th October North and South Korea tourism talks

September 2001
28th September Consumer confidence falls
21st September Future economic effects of New York bombing
14th September IMF Statement on world economy
7th September Thai Airways in trouble

August 2001

31st August China's Communists recruit capitalists
24th August Brazil to break AIDS drug patent
17th August Argentinian loan repayments
10th August Court reduces smoking damages award
3rd August The car industry's hydrogen powered future

July 2
27th July Conflicting financial predictions for Europe
20th July Genoa summit underway
13th July Argentina's financial difficulties
6th July Marconi share slide shock

June 2
29th June Microsoft court victory
22nd June Japan/China trade friction
15th June Shanghai six to strengthen economic links
8th June Telecom giant in trouble
1st June U.S. corporate fight

May 2
25th May London Stock Exchange floats
18th May De Beers goes private
11th May Brazilian energy crisis
4th May Global economic slowdown

April 2001
27th April Japanese economy
20th April Big business v public opinion
13th April Black business opportunites in South Africa
6th April Financial troubles in South Korea

March 2001
30th March Dollar counterfeit ring broken

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