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Business Words in the News
Friday 22 November 2002
Vocabulary from the business news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

Herbal remedies restrictions
Summary: Herbal remedies could soon have to comply with new EU-wide standards after a vote by members of the European Parliament meeting. EU health ministers are also expected to approve the legislation but some campaigners say they are worried it could restrict what is available over the counter to consumers. This report from Shirin Wheeler.
The News Listen  
  At the moment completely natural herbal remedies are virtually unregulated in the countries that make up the European Union. Plans to test them for quality and quantity have now been approved by members of the European Parliament across the political divide. The new rules, which still need to be agreed by Europe's health ministers, would mean more labelling and information on safe use. They'd also set up a so-called positive list of remedies that could be sold over the counter.

To make the list, products would have to have been on the market for thirty years without harmful effects. Newer remedies could be sold by registered herbalists. Some health food stores have been warning the new rules will put up prices and restrict what's available to consumers. That's been dismissed by organisations like the European Herbal Practitioners' Association, which says that the regulations will mean better protection for consumers.

The Words Listen
  herbal remedies
plants used as medicines to stop illness or pain

  virtually unregulated
there are almost no rules controlling the sale of herbal remedies

how good or bad something is

  across the political divide
from left and right wing political parties

information about and on how to use the medicine

  positive list
here, officially approved herbal remedies

  over the counter
medicines which can be sold in a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription

  would have to have been
the condition for them to be on the positive list is that they have been sold safely for 30 years

  health food
natural foods without artificial ingredients

if something gives you protection it prevents you from being harmed

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