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Business Words in the News
Friday 08 March 2002
Vocabulary from the business news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

Indigenous people to trade from forests
Summary: Helping indigenous people to make a living from the world's tropical forests is the best way to conserve woodland, according to a new study. This report from Helen Briggs:
The News Listen  
  Almost a quarter of the world's poor depend on forests for their livelihoods. However, many are excluded from selling timber and other products because of concern that the practice could lead to illegal logging or destruction of the forests.

According to a new report, this is a myth - encouraging local people to trade from the forests in a sustainable way helps them protect their precious surroundings. The report, by Forest Trends and the Centre for International Forestry Research, says large scale producers are monopolising the market at the expense of rural communities.

The authors say rights to produce from the forests must be handed back to indigenous people. They say that while many of the laws which favour large trading operations are well intentioned, they lend themselves to a system which marginalises those who have the greatest stake in conservation.

At least 25% of the developing world's forests - nearly 300 million hectares - are now controlled by local groups, and this trend is expected to accelerate. But many of these communities don't have full authority to generate income from the forests they now own.

Helen Briggs, BBC, London

The Words Listen
  excluded from
prevented from taking part in

wood that is used for building houses and making furniture

  in a sustainable way
here - without causing long term harm to the forests

  are monopolising the market
are taking a very large share of the market, preventing others from having their share

  at the expense of
if you achieve something at the expense of someone, you do it in a way which might cause them some disadvantage, or even harm

  indigenous people
people who originally belong to their country, rather than coming there or being brought there from another country

prefer and support

makes less important or powerful

  to accelerate
to speed up

  to generate income
to make money


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