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Business Words in the News
Friday 26 October 2001
Vocabulary from the business news. Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.

  Europe Minister Peter Hain
Britain: is entry to the euro inevitable?
Summary: The British government minister in charge of European Affairs, Peter Hain, is on a tour of Britain to talk about the benefits of being in the European Union. But it's also interpreted as a warm-up campaign for a referendum on British membership of the Euro. This report from Bethan Rhys Roberts:
The News Listen  
  It's one of the biggest secrets of British politics - does the governing Labour party intend to take Britain into the single European currency? It's committed to making an assessment of the economic pros and cons of membership within the next two years. Until then, Labour says it's keeping its options open.

The Minister in charge of European affairs is embarking on a tour of British cities to sell what he considers to be the benefits of being in the European Union but Peter Hain denies it's also a tour to sell the euro. He's confident that the British public will be better placed to make a judgement after the coins become a reality in twelve member states next January.

Opinion polls consistently suggest that the British public remains largely hostile to the single European currency, as do several influential newspapers. If it does decide to join the euro, the government knows that winning a referendum will be an uphill battle. Before starting any official campaign it would have to soften public opinion - the real aim of this tour could be to do just that.


The Words Listen
  making an assessment
considering and/or evaluating

  the economic pros and cons
the economic advantages and disadvantages

  it's keeping its options open
it hasn't made a final decision yet - it's prepared to choose whichever way is best under the circumstances

  to sell
here - to convince people that a certain idea is a good one

  will be better placed
here - will have more information and knowledge to make a better decision

  make a judgement
form an opinion to help you make a decision

  hostile to
if you are hostile to an idea, you disagree with it and/or disapprove of it

having the power to make people agree with your opinions or do what you want

  an uphill battle
efforts to achieve something in spite of very difficult circumstances

  to soften public opinion
here - to make the public less hostile to the idea of Britain joining the euro

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