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Role : News Editor
Task : Complete the news report

Star Wars
Activity: Wordbuilding

Issue: AIDS
A journalist has faxed you a report on an auction of Hollywood items for charity. Some of the words have failed to print. You need to complete the report by filling in the gaps.
To help you, look at the definitions of the different words available by clicking on 'Definitions' below and then try the exercise.

1 blockbusters, chartbusters, ghostbusters
2 dedicated, precious, prestigious
3 memorabilia, memorandum, memorials
4 donated, delegated, dedicated
News Report

In a special auction, famous props from Hollywood have raised nearly $500,000 to help children born with Aids in Africa.

The auction was run by the international auction house Sotheby’s and took place in New York on 6 March.

Stars, directors, producers and studios donated props, costumes and signed .

The auction was the brainchild of Irish actor Liam Neeson. He a lightsabre weapon that he used when he played Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Movie fans could make bids for lots online, and all the money raised went to the Unicef campaign Movie Action for Children.


auction - a public sale where goods are sold to the person who offers the highest price

props - the objects or furniture used in a film or play

brainchild - an idea or invention that someone has thought up or created

lots - at an auction, a lot is one of the objects that is being sold

bids - offers to pay a particular amount of money to buy something
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