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  News about Britain
Wind power - 2003
Each month, the background to a story about Britain.
Read the story, then write to us and tell us about wind power in your part of the world. We'll add what you say here, on the comments page. Scroll down to read all the comments received so far.


Your comments

huanshaojun China
i am in YunNan province in southwest of China.we use little wind power but we have enough water power.we will put up a project next to SanXia project.i think we should take advantge of our advances.

Md.Mahamud Hasan Shamim,Bangladesh
I think for developing countries the establishment part of schools has been over. We have many teachers but they are untrained so SS are not getting any interest in thier classes.So providing training should be most prioritized agenda & Donar shoud come forward to help in this thirsty sector. Shamim

Bengy, Thailand
Wind power in my country is not work because my country is among other countries, and there are less off shore wind potential. My country is suiteble for using solar power, because there are strong light all year round. Nevertheless, the lack of technology in solar cells is the problem in my country. because the solar power or wind power is renewable energy, this give us the most benifits. It is the most valuable thing to find the way to use these kinds of energy effiency.

john dreger united states
windmill energy is good for world

After reading the news. I think Wind power is a good way to provide the electric power without damanging the environment.In Taiwan,the idea of renewable energy use just begins and lacking the whole plan. However,I think the experiences in UK will be a good suggestion and solution to built the plan in Taiwan.

Alex Woo,China
Wind power is possible in many parts of China. In big cities, there has been a growing lack of energy. Nuclear power may be a solution. What I worry about is the safety.

Nguyen Tien Dung - Viet Nam
Wind power is a real alternative in the future. It has lots of advantages such as being clean, and available everywhere.The only problem now is the question of technology. Coal,gas and nuclear are sourses of energy. However, each has certain limited points. For example,coal and gas are non-renewable and can cause air polution; nuclear will be a great threat to the environment and people health in case of being leaked out. As in other developing countries, any wind power is not feasible. However, for the sake of the earth (our commom house)our Government may implement such plans with the technological assisstance from advanced countries

Harry from Taiwan
I have never heard about any wild power plan in Taiwan.But recently there was a contestation about whether to build a new nuclear power plan to meet the need of electric power of 23 million poeple on this small island, I think wild power maybe a good choice for the two parties in opposing.Besides, wild power will solve the problems of pollutions and diminishing resources.In addition to solar power energy,I believe that wild power will be a good way to produce energy in the furture.

Rinaldo / Brazil
Brazil has a large coast and the wind power would be very possible here. Curently we are in troubles because our energy is produced by water (hidrelectry) and we haven't had enought water. Ours rivers are drying. Sun power maybe was the most affordable alternative. The sun bright all the year here for whole country. I'd refuse nuclear energy. It isn't safe. We must think about the future.

sideekmussa iraq
that kinds of wind power hs safed because is not vulnarable for stoping and it work by wind not by other materials which may have been lost or disapeared

ý m very happy to hear that kýnds of news all over the world. ý strongly support to that type of energy. We don' t have enough means to do ýt now. But ýt would be nýce to use ýt ýnstead of hydro or termo electýrýc central.

nirmala shrestha
I think wind,solar and hydroelectric power are better than nuclear power in developing countries like Nepal.

mario bianchi italy
I welcome this development. In my country much better use could be made of solar power but we are not encouraged to do anything about it because they all say it's too expensive.

senol pektas
ý think using such sources of energey will prevent our palanet from wars and disapearing

Bimbo adeola in Nigeria
We do not have any such thing as wind power here and solar energy has not been given priority. I pray that some day Nigerian leaders who are fond of paying lip service to national growth and development will wake up from their slumber and do well for Nigeria.

Alberto from Argentina
I think that the use of wind power to generate electricity is a good application of technology. It is clean and safe. Besides, I'm professor of Energy's Technology in my country and this site became very useful to me. I wish to thank BBC for this.

Fabiano - Brazil
We have in our country the three biggest renewable kinds of energy : sun, wind and water. Now we use only the water, with big hydreletrics. The Amazon River has a huge possibility of use to provide energy and it isn´t already used. We have 8000 kilometers of coast, most of it is very windy. Our government is studying this possibility, but here, like all other countries in development, the problem is one: money. But we expect in the future our leaders could think and have the amounts to invest on clean energy, the better for us.

Eeman Shaz, Pakistan
To create energy from natural resources its really great idea. Through this sources we can create healthy environment and its better use of natural resources. But it needs enough knowledge, skill, technology and money. In my country,people does not know much about good use of natural resources and not even state has taken initaitive to give awarness on masess. For developing countries its expensive and people could not afford it. But if enviromental organizations and developed countries mobilize their resources and helpe poor countries, it can be healthy use of natural resources; and we can create good environment for us and coming generations too.

dai.g China
wind power is clean,enviroment.It can reduce money,reduce energy lost.In ourcountry,we also can use wind to produce power.

Jong-Ho, Korea
Renewable energy is the last energy source that the mankind resort on eventually. But, until the oil is depleted, wind power can't get the wide adaption due to its high price. Even when the price of wind power is havled, it might not be widely adapted. The price of oil is determined soly by OPEC and the price of oil is now too high. There is much room for lowering the oil price if necessary.

HNID Zhor from casablanca - Morocco
Ilike very much this page of learning english. I w like to participate in order to practice my english writting. MY COMMENT: The ressources of energy trends to be oriented toward revewable energy proving to be economicly the most favourable in dispite of all the research. Do we have to consider thas as real success for the old genaration or as no-achievement of this this huge subject. I hope that may comment will not be very horrific Z. Hnid

Lam Pham, Australia
Renewal Energy is the one of the most concern of people today. we want to live in a fresh invironment with less pollution caused by other fuels cuch as coal, oil that are running out in near future. I love renewal energy although its price is so high at the momment. It helps us reduce green effect that cause the rising temperature and changing inviroment on the earth. I hope Australia can develope the use of this energy, make it possible in real life.

Biber Germany
As wind power will never provide enough energy here in Germany we should invest the money we spend on wind power to develop intelligent techniques to reduce energy consumption and waste.

Marion from France
we should encourage the renewable energy, ithink that using the renewable power to generate electrical power is a good decision ! there are considerable opportunities offered by wind, sun, water power and we should use it.

woo from s.korea
it's great idea to use natural my country, we use nuclear power as well as coal power so far. but it make peaple especially residents who live in same place as nuclear power plant worry themselves. of course whenever government make new power facility like nuclear power and coal power on some place the place peaple despiratly protest government policy. someone say it's NIMBY(not in my back yard). but who want live that kind of place? for future and our children it is necessary for us to develop clean and safe natural power. it must be our resposibilty for descentants


rodolfo aranda. Spain.
what about, if iter become a total success?

Serpil Guney From Turkey
I wish that every country could have the best conditions for wind power.I think It is the most harmless way of making energy.We have wind power siystem in Cesme/Izmir which is at west of Turkey and famous with wind surfing.Every body thinks that they are very expensive.But isn't it always same with everything we buy If we like to get something with a good quality you have to pay a lot of money.For example I am selling organic food and I know people buys it because they want to live a healty life and don't want to get ill and pay lots of money to the doctors.In that way they know that organic foods are cheaper than ordinary foods because they are healtier and don't have to pay anything to the doctors.By using wind power we won't demage the nature life and we won't have to pay lots of money to solve the problems which nuclear power will cause In my city most of people are using sun(solar)power units and I think It is very useful and allow us to save lots of money.I don't even think about talking nuclear enery because it is definitly the worst way to make energy.If we really care about our chilren's or grand children's future we have to stop using nuclear energy.I hope British goverment does something about this for all countrys in the world.Like forcing other countries to get informed about wind,water or solar energy.I know they have that power and opportunity.

Ken, China
Wind energy is much more utilised in the west part of china, but with smaller generator. I don't think it appropriate for China at present since the efficiency of the energy convertion is still poor and we cannot depend on them to meet the 13 billion people's needs. We still need to do lots of researches in this area. I strongly object to the nuclear power station. It's dirty energy.

China Li Guofang
Wind power is a kind of non-polluted energy.We should make most of it. I live in the middle part of China.It is nearly impossible and unrealistic to live by wind power.But I think our country is doing their best,such as:building the three Gorge reserviour.

sarfaraz saudi arabia
yes it can be very good source of energy .Its all depends upon part of the world with big open space and windy weather,eg saudi arabia.But icant comment on technicality or problem of implementation.

zhaohui come from jilin province china
I think that using new energy and reducing traditional energy can reduce the pollution of enviroment.Human being will better take advantage of traditional energy with scientific method. In my area,govement is taking action to use wind power,it needs us to do much work to finish the plan.Not only in Britain,but also in the other country,using wind power is the trendy.

Quanbing Wu, CHN
I think wind power is a safe and clean resource. But now there is no plan to develop it at my hometown due to location reason.

Jano, Georgia
It is so nice make something like wind power station. It is my dream. In my country we have big problems with electricity, but environment is so comfortable to build renewable energy sources that it is really shame than we do not have it still. In last week I have been in eastern part of my country, there was little river across in one village and front of after each home in the river was some strange things. I stopped car and explored this things, so it was hand made small water power stations, it has blades which rotated by the river, and inside some car dynamos, which gives 24 volt power and in home this people has all lights and equipments rebuild for 24 volt. Sometimes I am making small wind toys, for my kids from the parts of some of the brake toys, an maybe some day I will have real one.

Kepa Sakolegui from Spain
I live in Navarra, in the north of Spain, and in my region actually we produce the 55% of the electric consum with these fantastic wind turbines. We expect that we could produce the 100% of our electric waste in five years.

Ron from China
These mass wind power stations are very very expensive! Every windmill must have a high tower, big fan, special designed generator and a whole set of gears to produce only a little bit of power, And the electical substations will be very complex to collect the power from these thousands of mills, As an electrical engineer, I am in deep doubt it would be a reasonable decision to launch such a project . On the other hand, currently, nuclear power stations are very very clean and very very safe, not so expensive, If you have correct knowledge about nuclear power technology, perhaps you will agree with me. Okey-doke, dear British friends, you can try this 'green' energy blowed by wind. I wish the wind wouldn't be so strong as to blow away all the money from your pockets to the sea as well.

Norman, UK
We have to invest in renewable power. Wind, solar energy, wave power will all play a big part in the future. Wind power is a source of energy that once the infrastracture is in place is relatively cheap without nasty side and if placed off shore does not take up valuable land space, very important in a small country!

Giulio from Peru
I think that using the wind power to generate electrical power is a smart decision and I hope it will work as you expect to. Where I live (in Lima, Peru) the wind power would be a great alternative because of the low environmental impact, but my government doesn't have the resources (money) to make such investment, besides, we have a huge bed of natural gas that will start supplying next year, and the cost of the gas and consequently the cost of electrical power will be reduced. We can't use sun power in Lima, because the sky is gray (always cloudy), but in other cities in Peru the sun power is used, especially by the people who don't have enough money to pay for electricity, so they buy solar panels (sponsored by the government). I think that's a great idea to reduce the expense of humble people in electrical power.

Daniel Amoros, Spain
I live in the Canary Islands. The wind power has been discussed in Spain for long, and now the government has approved different proposals to implant renewable energy around all the country. The aim is to obtain more than the eight per cent before the year 2008. In the Canary Island this means to set in a huge number of wind turbines, because we have the perfect weather conditions to obtain this kind of electricity. In spite of this is a clean, safe and affordable alternative there are important hardships. Among other things the reticence of the citizens who are against the location of the wind turbines near their towns because of the visual impact.

Chen Decai come from China
I think that the sun-solar power is the most important power in the future, if we use coal,gas,and so on, will take many other unusful materials which is harmful to our health.

Kevin from Switzerland
we haven`t got a lot of wind energy, because its to expensive and net also a lot of space. I think wind power is for the future very importend, because wind power can also product in the ocean. in the ocean is enought space for the wind energy.

Charlie from S.Korea
It sounds very good but have you thought about this? If we want new energy from the nature, we have to pay more than we use. When it comes to wind power, we have to a thousand of wind mill to provide electricity to a small town. Moreover, the cost is too expensive to build a wind mill. The other renewable energy also might be the same as wind power. Therefore, we have to dependant on neuclear power or something. In terms of the cost, we could admit them but if your govornment want to build a neuclear power plant in your town, could you agree with that? Maybe not! So, it seems that there is no way to solve this problem. The answer, however, is very simple. Save ENERGY!! It could be the answer, I suppose. This is not definitely the answer which can solve every problem. But at the moment, all we have to do is only this.

Steel chen from China
In China many families are already using solar energy,but wind power generators are a few.I always think wind energy and solar energy are clean and safe and renewable energy,they must be developed,so I support the UK policy.

Kevin from Switzerland
We havn`t got a lot of windpower in the country, because its to expensive. But i think the wind power is very importent for the future. Then atom- energy is very dangerous and the water-energy is not bad, but this form of energy net a lot of space.

Kaspar häni
î think, in our country, we could use more alternative energy with wind and water. but unfortunately it cost very much and needs much space. I think, wind power is a very good thing, because there`s no risk in it!

Connie from Taiwan
Wind power is one of potential resources for people to creat electricity in needs in our daily life. Although it costs a lot at this moment, I think time can prove whether is good or not in our environment. There is no doubt that most products in its first sale wouldn't be so easy to meet the balance and built a good profit. But in the future, who knows?

Martin Messerli from Switzerland
We haven't got a lot of wind power generators, only in the north-west of the country. But the water is for us important then we have many hydro-electric power station. I think we should more invest in renewable energy than in nuclear energy. In the renewable energy I see the future for us and the nature.

Christa L. Switzerland
I live in a wind low area. The must of our energy come from a nuclear power station. I think the nuclear power is very dangerous for all people, animals and the environment. We should encourage the renewable energy, for example the solar power. That is possible but it`s very expensive. But in the future must something change!!

renyutang from china
it would be a good idea to use wind power.but wind power plants might be more expensive to build.what is more, some places in china is not so suitable to build wind power plants, for there is not enough wing to wind the generator.i think we don't have to confine ourselves to just one sort of green energy.we can also generate electricity from the sun ,from the water, from the heat and from the tide. we don't have to be the first or the most developed in one such energy field.first and foremost, we must choose energy power carefully according to the specific condition.

Qudsia in Pakistan
In my opinion this is a great initiative.I had earlier read an artical about the use of wind power in Austerailia and that was really very interesting and encouraging news.It would be wonderful of all governments to seek altrnatives of energy power sources other than oil,gas and nuclear energies. According to some recent serveys conductet by concern quarters, consumption of oil and gas resources at the current scale is alarming,which may lead to heavy decrease in these resourse. Today polution is a serious problem . To get rid of such a hazardous and life threatening factor,other alternate natural energy sources such as wind,sun, waves,should be sought and implimented. In addition, the third world countries have abundant sun energy almost throuout of the year and the oil consumption is at very high level.As the more demond for oil grows the higher the prices becomes.So it will be a good opportunity for these countries to harvest the maximum energy from sun. At the end I would like to mention that unfortunately in the country I live there is no such major development or plans at the present.However it has been said that recently some activities has started to tape the use of solar energy.

Dominc Ernst from Switzerland
i don't think that in switzerland there is any wind power. But i think i would be possibel because in switzerland there are lots of montains and in the montains is a lot of wind to make energy. but the solar power we use: in our schoolhouse there are some solarcells, for the energy witch is need for our schoolhouse. in switzerlad we have also one or two nuclaer energy works, but i think that it will work without them many greets to our class-teacher Miss Mariani:-)

Louis from Hong Kong
The cost of wind power is higher than that of oil or nuclear power. It is the crucial factor to use this renewable energy in future.

tanhe from china
in china there are wind power station for many years,and now there are plans to construct wind power staions in xinjiang ugur autoregion.but as i know,the wind power staions,s productivity is low,because the direction of wind is vary whenever and the wind turbine is fixed,how can we let the turbine change as the direction of the wind change?if this problem is resolved,the productivity will be improved.

Beat L. from Switzerland
In Switzerland we have only a few of wind power generators. There are more wather power stations. I think that's the best solution for us. I find renewable energy important for the nature and the human health.

Yocco in Japan
It's nice that the UK government decided to promote wind power generator. In Japan, I heard that in some part, wind power can generates too much electricity for power supplyer that has to buy it for higher price. So the supplyer is said to have refused to accept the electricity saying that they cannot make enough profit to run the business. What a waste!

Jessica from Germany
i think that renewable energ is the right way for britain especially for the world. using of the renewable energy especially wind power is the best way for the nature and for our lifes.

Pascal , Switzerland
i think the powers from wind, water and sun are the bests. then i think the alternatives are not so inteligent then its not relly good for the environmental. when we will have the same environmental in 20 years then we have to change the power to wind water and sun !!!

I appreciate your goverment's effort to generate energy by wind power, taking advantage of the lay of your land with windy coast around. With Japan, I'm not sure about what is the proportion of renweable energy to the whole energy being consumed ,but it might be quite a low proportion. Japan imports oil and gas almost as much as it needs ,so many of the people recognize the importance of renewable energy as the alternative to oil and gas, and also evaluate it as clean and safe energy. A supply of energy used all over the world has been getting higher for the last half century. And I think more and more energy supplies will become to be needed as world economy will develope still more. Of all kinds of energy, fossil fuel is favourably used to generate power, however, it's causing air pollution and global warming. In addition to that, considering that the world's resorces are limited, I think we will have to direct our attention to renewable energy.

Grace in China
i am of the opinion that genarating power from the wind is a splendid way to solve the problem of energy renewablility. although the employment of wind turbine is still not wide spread in china,but i am confident that in the long run it will be developed and harnessed by our country. lt is fortunate that so far we havenot extensive blackout here.

Ringo from China, now in the UK
These years, many people in the UK protest against Nuclar Power,They make up many excuses to use the so-called new enery, such as this kind of wind power. In fact, it's totally waste of money. I don't understand why to abandan nuclear power. It is a very good energy. Until now, no energy solution but nuclear power is the practical way to protect the environment,and meanwhile to provide sufficient power to modern lives. As far as I am concerned, many British people are not as sensible as Frenchmen. They think they understand science and technology thoroughly. Auctually, they know nothing. This is the reason that more and more companies in the UK become subsidiary ones of their French counterparts'. Please wake up from this fuzzy rosy dream.

Tim in Singapore
I think that singapore has a high potential to harvest the abundant sunlight that we receive daily.But Singapore however is using low polluting methods such as gas power station.The energy from the sun is costly for the material but free to harvest.

Diana in California, USA
The state and federal governments here offer a rebate for people with solar power units on their roofs. My brother put a $10,000 USD unit on his roof. Now his meter runs backwards during the day. He said he expects to get a refund for all but about $3300 USD of the $10,000 spent to install the solar panels. We had en energy shortage (largely made up) last summer, so there has been a push toward other energy sources. I am considering it too for my house. Most people here do not have solar power at the moment. My brother is an exception.

Hamilton C ordeiro
I live in the Amazon Rain Forest area. Is incredible how we have not any kind of alternative energy suply. The wind is quite low. The sun is hot, us you now, and the usefull is almost impossible because there is very cloudy most part of tthe day. What do you think about?

Kan Tsang from Hong Kong
I think wind power can solve a portion of shortage energy . The wind power certainly can take a role as an auxiliary power source . The main advantage of using wind to generate eletricity is endless ,but quantity of power depend the wind speed. If the engineers can overcome such wind speed influenence . it is regarded wind power is a ideal energy , at least no air pollution is generated . Of course , efficiency of generate power must be needed to improve and further study . Another source that is worth us to consider is current tide power , specially a country with long coast must utilize that natural source for generate electricity .

Rufina Ng in Hong Kong
I don't think it is wise to trust wind power.There might be no electricity in those areas if there is no wind!But as a matter of fact, wind power will be saving electricity, so actaully, it has advantages as well......

li xiaoxin China
last year, i traveled to inner mongolia in China. i saw many huge turbines that stand on the grassland. i asked my local friend and i known government encourage to use wind power. it is clear , save and envirnmental.

Agus Subagyo, Indonesia
I live in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. When I was student of Bandung Institute of Technology at early 1980, some windmills were built for wind energy research purposes. Mostly, the windmills were made from non metal materials which is available in Indonesian rural or remote areas such as wood or bamboo. I believe the research was sponsored by the government of indonesia, in their effort to provide electricity to the majority of indonesian people. At that time around 80% of Indonesian people were living at rural areas (villages). Although the research project was end up with no one of the windmill were really built in the villages, I think the government should continue the sponsorship.

tomorr jangulli from alabama

JiangJie in China
I come from China.I live in Fuzhou which is next to Taiwan Strait.Through there are a little typhoons here,it is not enough to be used for power.As a result of being to sea, there is much water here.The water power is very strong.So we mainly use water power for working and living.

Henzi of Hong Kong
Wind Power ---- It is believed that one of the possible solutions of solving energy-disaster.However ,in fact, it will not be possible to replace most of the traditional energy sources such as coal,oil,nuclear as a result of following reasons : In the first place ,the electricity generated by wind power must depend on climate(wind speed),the higher the wind -speed , the more electricity will be supplied.In contrast ,the less electricity will be generated.The unstable electricity-supply must bring about many trouble problems while using its. In the second place ,changing the wind power to eletricity must require lots of facilities and investment including place required to loacte generators . At the moment ,you can imagine how much resouces we have to invest in that unpredictable place. In the third place, the amount of generators required to generate large enough electricity for a city must be numberous.The location of that generators must damage the landscape of many country-park because of their large size.Some wild-anaimals may attack that "incomer" (wind-power-generators) and cause both of their injuries and damage. By the way , i think solar-power generators will be the better solution,though it may also destory the landscape of country-park. it can eliminate the factor of unstable electricity-supply (this point is essential) because we can know what time sun will rise and how much energy can be collected unlike that unpredictable wind-power.obviously, Solar-Power will be much feasible.

Zhangld in China
I am a chinese,live in shandong province.Now we use these alternative ennergies very little,we still use traditional ennergies such as coal,gas and so on.

Pablo from Argentina
It would be wonderful to be able to use wind or solar power in order to produce the energy that a country needs. Obviously, an incredible advantage of this kind of energy is that it's clean and therefore, protects the environment. However, it's very expensive and in the case of wind power you need thousands of turbines to provide with electricity even a small town. That's the main reason I think countries don't take into account this natural resource. Specially here where we can't deal with everyday problems I don't believe saving the planet will become one of the main priorities.

Han Gye Soo. South Korea
First of all, I'd like to express great congratulation about your conutry's wonderful plan. As you know all human being can't live without electricity. Some time ago, U.S.A. amd Canada's blackout, only one or two day's power failure provoked unimaginable inconvience and chaos to the citizens who lives in the region. There are many kinds of power plants to generate electricity: coal, wind,water or nuclear etc. In my opinion wind power are best of all among those plants. Because it's not artificial and need not worry about waste materials. Recently S.Korea's big issue is looking for a storable place of nuclear waste which used in power plants. Why? most people are strongly agaimst to such dangerous materials being kept forever in their neighbouring residence place.So govt authority has been offered various kinds of favour policy but can't find out yet proper answer. I'm not scientist but have been interested in global warming or climatic change probably caused from exceed waste of fossil fuels. So, UK or U.S.A, so-called rich and advanced countries should take some reasomable measures about global energy policy or system before too late, for prevention is better than cure.

Márcia Alcântara - Brazil
I live in Fortaleza a big city of Brazil´s northeast. Here we have, every day of the year, the sun and the wind. I think that we have a wonderfull chance to have these two alternative ennergies: from the sun and the wind. Now we have one estation of wind ennergy and some researches about this kind of ennergy. I strongly think that this is the future of the world, if we think about ennergy without pollution.

Jaume in Catalonia
We have wind power in my country . And also sun power ... of course.

Nomi beng in Israel
i believe it's a wonderful idea to produce clean and safe energy. well done to the British Government. I wish our government were concerned about the enviornment in the same way.I feel that in Israel the security situation is so bad that it takes all our government energy to deal with it, it doesn't leave time and money to think about such an important issue.


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